Selecting a story to read - woman and little girl with lots of books

What is phonological awareness?

As my son is stepping into the very beginning reader phase, I want to continue to educate myself what it means to develop early reading skills and phonological awareness. How best can I support his learning of language and reading? Doe she need to actually be reading or can I support him in other ways first?…

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learning about space with spielgaben

I am incredibly impressed with the diversity and range of the colorful, wooden manipulatives of Spielgaben.  I believe that children are sensemakers; hands-on materials allow them to explore learning concepts long before they are able to wholly define them. Spielgaben is the perfect tool to teach and to give children an open environment to learn and create.  We…

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Montessori three period lesson: teaching letter sounds

The Montessori practice called “the three period lesson” is commonly used in Montessori teaching to clearly and precisely teach a child a certain concept or skill. Today I am sharing how we are teaching letter sounds with Montessori sandpaper cards using the Montessori Three Period Lesson.  A video is below to show you how you…

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peanut-free DIY bird feeder

We made a simple DIY bird feeder this week to get excited for spring and new life!  This DIY project is fun for children to create on their own, and our version is also peanut-free, so it is safe to try with your peanut-free child, or in a school that practices allergy awareness! This Bible…

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we love books {usborne books giveaway!}

I am so excited to share our love of READING with you today!!  Reading is the most important thing we can do with our children.  It prepares them for success in learning, work, and play for the rest of their lives.  We like to read morning, noon, and night. As you may have noticed, I…

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around here

around here we are swinging. a lot. we are carrying around backpacks and bags everywhere we go. wearing princess dresses and capturing frogs. driving tractors and counting our spring bulbs. we are enjoying being alive again. alive with the spring here in our little world. letting the days go by. enjoying one another and their…

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Why read nursery rhymes with my child?

Why should I read nursery rhymes with my child?  Why recite these silly verses together?  Rhyming with children helps them to develop and understanding of sounds and words — and they are fun!!  Here is a compilation of some of our favorite resources for how to incorporated learning these rhymes at home and at play! {This post contains…

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abstract painting for children

I recently shared my journey into abstract painting.  My daughter adores painting too, and her artwork has made its way on every wall in every room.  It is simple to help children paint their own masterpieces.  You can give them free reign or allow them to choose a couple special colors. {This post contains affiliate links,…

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