best books about animals

best books about animals for kids

Animals are so fun to learn about for both children and adults.  My children have taught me so many new animals that I’ve never known about through books.  We place the highest precedence on reading in our home — and I believe that if you read to your child, they will become a lifelong reader!!…

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make a cardboard noah’s ark

We had a wonderful time making this Noah’s Ark from a cardboard box!  I cut and taped a box into the shape of a boat, then we made “animals,” and then we sailed the boat around the house.  This was a wonderful extension activity for our Crafts through the Bible series! Making a cardboard boat…

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bringing literature to life: a felt space monster

Why make a scary Calvin & Hobbes space monster?  Well, a few reasons….  To start… to capture the joy of a sweet blond-haired, perfect, challenging, wild boy. {This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy.}  Why did I make this weird looking space monster?  Because my son loves books.  And when he opened up…

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our homeschooling days

I have to remember not to rush around in our days. I have been tempted to have “activities” for each of my kids.  The winter was long, and cold, and a bit restless.  I am a home-body.  I truly don’t mind not leaving the house — so homeschooling really makes a lot of sense for us because…

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Letter J

preschool books for letter j

Here are our favorite preschool books for the letter Jj!  We love visiting the library and finding new books each week! Reading takes a huge priority in our home — we like to read every morning, noon, and night!  Children will love to read if we give them the tools — I hope this list is helpful to…

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Flower Counting Book & Cards

Flower Counting Cards & Book {free printable}

These Flower Counting Cards will help your child incorporate fine motor skills and numeracy! I hope your child enjoys these cards and homemade book as much as my children do. This is the perfect activity to place in a bag for on the go as well, as it requires concentration and determination. {This post contains…

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16 FREE Printable Cards for Early Learning

free cards for early learning

Children love to memorize and recite.  They will do it and love it if you ask them and equip them!  Enter these beautiful, and free!, cards for early learning.  I hope this collection of free cards, from me and other kid bloggers, will benefit your child’s mind, as well as your time together as a…

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best books about the farm

best books about farms for kids

We absolutely love reading about the farm.  So here is our list of best books about farms for kids.  Since we live right next to a farm, it is only fitting to have reading material to educate ourselves (and have so much fun!) learning about the animals and equipment on a farm! {This post contains…

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