First Phonics Readers {Book 1}

I am so excited to share our First Phonics Readers with you today.  This printable download is for the youngest set of readers.  They are for children who know their letter sounds and progressively want to begin blending these sounds to make words. Every child’s reading journey is different These First Phonics Readers move very…

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art utensils for kids

Here is our list of favorite art utensils for kids!  I hope you find some inspiration and ideas from our art bin utensil suggestions!  Let us know which ones are your favorites!! {This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy.}  My daughter is increasingly interested in art.  She loves coloring on paper — particularly blank paper….

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Preschool Handwriting Notebook {free printable!}

I am sharing our Preschool Handwriting Notebook with you today.  I put together this special notebook for my son to use while practicing his letter formations and confidence.  I am including a free printable cover, both with and without the lines for a child to write their name!! {This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure…

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around here {an update}

Our homeschooling days are filled with play.  And not just because it is summertime, but because they are kids.  Legos are now everywhere in our house.  I try to keep them contained in John’s room, and he has somewhat complied.  It is so amazing to watch him and his creations.  Every little piece has a…

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what is number sense?

Children learn best by doing.  Holding and touching math tools and counters allows them to understand concepts.  If they are able to move and manipulate objects, then the information studied will be better attained.  We began creating sums this week without ever seeing a number sentence; we are cognitively developing number sense, rather than rushing…

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creating rhyming words with the montessori alphabet

We are excited to begin reading and creating rhyming words with our Montessori moveable alphabet.  This activity has been a great first word activity for my beginning reader who is not yet confident in sounding out words.  This post includes a video to show you how simple it can be to use this activity with…

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silhouette of a boy on a sunset background

Calm down time

We use a calm down time as a solution for meltdowns because my son has a difficult time following directions right after they are given.  I’m excited to share our story and a solution that is working for us right now, knowing that parenting, and our children, are constantly changing. Calm down time for coping…

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Rhyming Prompt Cards

Why should I rhyme with my child? {free printable}

We have been rhyming all the time here at our house.  Why teach rhyming to your young child?  Rhyming helps your child identify common sounds.  Rhyming helps your child or student listen to the sounds in words and to develop phonemic awareness. Rhyming is an important skill for toddlers, preschoolers, and beginning readers alike. Learning rhyming skills…

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