our homeschooling days

Our summer has been a bit chaotic.  I consider myself a stay-at-home-mom.  But the reality is is that I juggle much more than just the kids and the household (and I don’t mean “just”!)  I am in the Army Reserve and had to leave my kids and work a whole lot this summer.  I love…

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homemade bug spray with essential oils

I am so excited to share with you a homemade bug spray that actually works!!  I have been loving essential oils lately, but a little hesitant to try a bug repellent because I tried one years back (with store bought oils) and it did not work at all.  But I am here to say that…

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learning shapes for preschool

Children from a very young age are eager to understand the visual images that they see.  Most of our would is assembled with shapes of some sort or form and children of all ages need the time to explore and play with shapes in their world.  This post talks about the expectations for learning shapes…

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how to teach geography to children

I am excited to share with you our tools for kindergarten geography today.  We use multiple books and hands on items to help my children become aware of our world and where we are located on the map.  I have collected many additional tools that may be of interest to you as you teach your…

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around here

my loves walking down the road too high on the oak tree swing  loving bike rides down the road, little sister chasing after her herotracking a raccoon May’s favorite animal, the pink birds family of ducks, Mrs. Mallardthrowing coins John’s favorite animal, the anteater best friends water lilybetter watch out for mama peacock cute little…

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practical life skills: vacuuming

Children naturally want to participate in the daily activities they see adults in.  Dr. Montessori introduced these activities in a very accessible way for children to learn and excel in.  These are called practical life exercises and they help a child become independent in his/her environment.  They help a child to do it by themselves….

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First Phonics Readers {Book 3}

I’m excited to share the third book in our First Phonics Readers set with you today!  These little books are perfect for developing readers, either in preschool or kindergarten, ages 3 to 6.  Every child learns at a different pace, so it’s important to not push reading before the child is ready, able, and eager to…

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Creating short vowel words with Montessori alphabet

See how we use the Montessori moveable alphabet and Montessori alphabet objects to create beginning words!  We are creating lots of three letter words with short vowels these days, includes a video so you can do it with your children, or student, at home or school! My son has been sounding out words everywhere he…

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