keeping a memory box {recording memories}


This post is fifth in a series on how we keep and record memories.  You can check out the main page for links to all the posts!

This is the simplest post in my recording memories series.  Basically.

Get some boxes.

Put stuff in them.

Walk away.


Okay, it’s a little more than that.  Each family member has a box {just like each family member has a medical folder, right?!}.  I put random cards, birthday cards, notes my husband wouldn’t keep now, but would like to remember in two or five or ten or twenty {okay, I’ll care about them} years.

I personally have two boxes that are already almost full — skimmed down memories dating back to high school.  One for cards, one for “random” notes and other things I just can’t let go.  And I have definitely parred things down.

This feels good to just have a place for the kid’s cards or special drawings from friends.

DSC03128 DSC03129

Don’t keep everything.

But intentionally keep what you love and want to remember.

{ps — extra photos have their own big box too!!}

So, there you have it. In a {big} nutshell.  Our recorded memories and pictures and time and love.  Check out our complete recording memories series to read about every step!!

How do you keep memories?


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