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around here: christmas tree edition

We go to the same tree farm every year.  We had to get the tree a little later due to our Jamaica trip, which is actually a really, really good thing.  I think we won’t be as sick of a tree inside our house until after the New Year.  Sunday was a gorgeous day — warm, but muddy.  We trudged along.  May wanted to choose a sweet Charlie Brown version, but then John chose it.  The perfect tree.  It was a bit too tall, so we just took a little off the bottom.  It also had a mouse nest in it, which we discovered after it was cut.  Two little field mice ran to find a “better home.”  Gross, but eh, we couldn’t justify cutting another one down.  A beautiful pair of horses took us, and our tree, back to get it shaken.  John drove the sleigh.  We got home and decorated together, not without broken lights mishaps, but so happy to be together this Christmas season.

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christmas sweets & a snack for rudolph

PicMonkey Collage-001

Why is it, that when the snow starts falling and my hands start feeling perpetually cold, that I feel the absolute freedom to eat all things sweet and sugary and delicious?  Comfort food.  It can be a tender pot roast… or a plate of chocolate chip cookies….  We have compiled our favorite Christmas sweets in… 

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our homeschooling days


We are so blessed to be home together, my children and I.  We wake up, we eat big breakfasts, we sing and dance and read, we play (I cook and clean-ish), we learn letters and counting and life skills with simple invitations to learn and play, we enjoy one another. Looking back to my word… 

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education for every child


I miss my days of teaching little five year olds. The excitement of the classroom, the energy, and the eager anticipation. I loved hearing their expressive stories during Writer’s Workshop. And watching them jump and dance and sing during Movement time. And watching their faces light up, so vibrant as they learned a new concept,… 

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best scented salt dough ornaments


The kids and I made many beautiful scented salt dough ornaments today.  We are excited to decorate our house with them and give them as gifts.  Our easy and simple scented salt dough recipe provides a wonderful tactile and olfactory experience for little ones. This post is the last in the 12 Months of Sensory Dough… 

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How to make a Felt Horse

H is for Horse

We are so excited to bring you our Felt Horse today!  Making our ABC Felt Animals has been a learning process, but we love their ability to teach our children their letters and beginning sounds! Both my son and daughter love these animals, and though they take some time and effort, it has been well worth it to see… 

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around here


around here: jamaica style My love and I got to spend a week together in Jamaica last week.  It was an amazing time.  I missed my children beyond belief, I mean seriously, longing for their footsteps early in the morning.  Being away really puts things into perspective about what truly matters in life.  And to me,… 

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