Leaf Identification Cards {free printable!}

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My favorite activity, of all time, is taking walks on the trails with my family. I love being out in nature, getting some exercise, and sometimes just being silent. Lately, my son has taken to running the trails with me. We run ahead while Marshall has May in the Ergo. These are my favorite memories.

“Just you and me, Mom,” he says.


This is our road, not the trails, but the colors of fall are just as beautiful!  

There are some beautiful wooded trails near our house that we like to frequent at least every other weekend. There are many to choose from and we usually just do a two mile loop. The other day, on the way back, my son was done “running,” and we decided to begin leaf collecting.


It was nostalgic, talking about each leaf, pointing out the colors, their differences, and the sounds they made under our feet.  I remember spending hours finding the perfect leaves when I was a child.

Leaf Identification Cards {free printable!} from Wildflower Ramblings

We started with oak leaves. Then I noticed that there are rounded lobed oak leaves (white) and pointed lobed oak leaves (red). I really didn’t know what their specific names were until I looked it up when we got home. We also noticed the differences in the big and small maple leaves. I wanted to be teaching him the correct names! We kept collecting, as I sounded off names like “beech, birch, and elm,” without being sure of their exact specifications.

I knew I had to make some printables to sort out our leaves at home. I didn’t realize how many cards I would need to make — I made 30 cards, and many of them weren’t needed.  But they may be someday!  And I can always make more too. :)

Leaf Identification Cards {free printable!} from Wildflower Ramblings

We got him ready on the floor and sorted our leaf collection according to each card. John loved it.

Leaf Identification Cards {free printable!} from Wildflower Ramblings

Sorting his leaves!  He was really understanding the concept of sorting!  I had to explain that we aren’t necessarily following the colors, but instead sorting by shape of the leaves.

Leaf Identification Cards {free printable!} from Wildflower Ramblings

I laminated mine, but you certainly don’t have to.  You could also print these off on a smaller scale (at four per page) and punch a hole in the corner and put a ring binder on these to take with you for leaf hunting with your own little botanist.

Leaf Identification Cards {free printable!} from Wildflower Ramblings

Disclaimer: I am not a botanist — I hope that these leaf identification cards are correct, but I am human. Please let me know if you see an error and I will try to correct it! :)  Also, if you have a special leaf request, please let me know and I can try to make a card for you :)


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Happy fall!!


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    • says

      Thanks, Jennifer :) Yes, it is hard to decipher — it seems to me that the Hard and Sugar Maple is the same tree. But I will add it on my addendum as a Sugar! (The big maple could also be a bigleaf or norway maple too!) Also, yes, about the Tulip — I am just trying to keep it simple :) Thanks for commenting, hope you like them!

  1. says

    These are amazing! Thank you sooo much! Is there a chance you could make a ginkgo leaf card? I will be using these each year. Thank you sooooo much!!!

  2. says

    I just found your blog through Debs at Learn with Play at Home, and I’m printing this as I type! My kids and I are so curious about all of the trees in our neighborhood and we can only name a handful of them — this is sure to be a big hit. xo

  3. says

    Thank you so much for these! We actually collected a TON of leaves today in the park so we could bring them home to find a book to identify them. Then when checking my e-mails I found your wonderful printables! Praise God and thank you!!

  4. says

    I have not seen something this in depth about tree leaves before. I have always wondered what types of trees we have based on their leaves and now my children and I can tell with the use of these identification cards. Thank you for sharing and for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop.
    Jill recently posted…Preparing to Homeschool: Teaching While LearningMy Profile

  5. says

    Amy, thank you for linking up to the Hip Homeschool Moms’ Hop this past week. Our team members choose their favorite post from the links and your post was one of them chosen! Be sure to grab our “I was featured on Hip Homeschool Moms” button on our site! Here is the link where you were featured. http://www.hiphomeschoolmoms.com/2013/10/hhm-favorite-posts-weeks-hop-10292013/

    We hope to see more of your posts linked up! Thank you for being a part of our community!

  6. says

    I love theses! I’m having trouble downloading them though. When I click on the link it takes me to dropbox and then displays an error code 404 file cannot be found. your help would be greatly appreciated as we are starting back to school on Monday with tree and leaf identification part of our science.. Thanks so much!

    Meghan(homeschooling mom of 2)

  7. says

    I am an independent sales rep for a chemical-free cleaning company that happens to be planting 20,000 trees in honor of their 20th anniversary. In honor of this, I am creating a Pinterest board all about trees. I found your activity and could not resist adding it! What a great way to teach children to recognize trees! Thanks for taking the time to make this!

  8. Susy says

    Hi Amy

    I’m a new subscriber to your site. It is great! I’v checked my junk email box for the second email in order to get the leaf printable. The kids in my Kindergarten classroom are busy with leaf activities. I would LOVE that printable but cannot seem to find it or the second email with the free printables. Can you resend?

  9. Susan says

    Hello, I love your blog! I had found your facebook page which I love, and I just subscribed to your newsletter. I clicked on the activation link and had forgotten the password to receive the free leaf printables, ebook, and lego letters printable and when I hit the back button I couldn’t try again. How can I get the free printables and Thank you so much for making them, they are beautiful! I teach preschool art and nature classes in my home and these will be great for my classes!

  10. Steffie says


    I would love to use these in my classroom! I subscribed, but I didn’t get the confirmation nor the printable. Could you please send me another email?



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