Amy Smith grace in homeschool

Hi there, I see you.

You work hard to raise your children up.

You’re doing awesome, mama, & educator,

My life’s mission is to love my family well.

And second, to encourage other moms (and dads!) that they can keep their kids home, so whole families can learn and live together. Siblings laughing and learning (and teasing). Not separated, but growing side by side. Adventures in nature and through amazing books. All children deserve this! Coupling the wisdom of old and the great outdoors to teach and speak to them.

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Tazo Chai

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The Last Kingdom

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LifeVantage: Axio & Protandim nrf2

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Memorial Day

I’m Amy Eliz Smith!

Our little family lives in beautiful, pure Michigan (my best Tim Allen voice). I taught Kindergarten for a minute after earning my Masters degree in Elementary Education from The University of Michigan.

But you do not need a degree to know that you are are the most qualified to teach your own children.

You love them.

You know them.

You adapt for them.

You desire the world for them.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you cannot keep your children home and raise them. Your children will become the influences they consumer. Whether that is from you, or the Word, or screens, or school, or secular ideologies. Whatever they are most exposed to and saturated in, they will become. That is the hard truth.

And parenting day by day. Teaching day by day. Living day by day, this is not easy stuff. It is a daily dying to self. It is a moment by moment “I need you God to walk beside me because my thoughts and my over-reactions will lead my otherwise!”

Let’s take a look at the Why and the How and the What to homeschool. While I help you make that decision, jump in with both feet, and create the rhythms and routines your family needs to succeed and prosper and flourish in this ever changing world.