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Weekly Waldorf art education for homeschool families

Art is not something I’m familiar with.  Growing up, I thrived in theater and music, but never art.  Unfortunately, I always felt like “I wasn’t good” or “that’s not my thing.”  I’m sad about this!  Since homeschooling my children, I’ve come to realize that I’m indeed a wonderful artist!!  I can draw plants and bumblebees and even an octopus!  I just need a bit of time, good materials, and a good teacher.

I want each of my children to thrive in art in a way that I never did.  I want them to not feel limits! I shared about our art journey in our homeschool a while back, and we are still loving this style of learning.

I am thrilled that we discovered Weekly Art with Waldorfish last year.  I don’t believe that any service is quite like it!

While we are not Waldorf Homeschoolers — we do love many of the Waldorf principles and we love the use of natural materials, with slow, purposeful lessons.  Waldorfish would work for any child who wants to improve their confidence, technique, and portfolio!

Waldorfish’s Weekly Art is an amazing program and we highly recommend it to anyone and everyone we know.  They have a free sample lesson which is wonderful for getting a feel for the program.

Moving through many different mediums, Waldorfish teacher Brian Wolfe, teaching the most beautiful projects!  Chalk, pastels, crayons, charcoal, watercolors, pencil.

My family and friends are AMAZED at what my daughter comes up with in her creations!  My son decides to join sporadically.  And I love that this service fits his needs as he feels comfortable.  We used their Beginner Course at the beginning, which my son enjoyed.  Then he took a break — he always enjoyed watching his sister’s projects.  But recently, he wanted to try pastels and has loved it!

Waldorfish Weekly Art Program:

We have been using this program for two years now, and we will continue.  We love it that much.  Each week, a new lesson is added.  We sometimes do three days in a row, and other weeks we are too busy to get one in, so it is perfect to do it at our pace!

  • 4 new Waldorf art lessons each month – 34 lessons total.
  • Access the lessons whenever it works for your schedule.
  • All lessons are appropriate for BOTH hemispheres.
  • Perfect for multi-child families.
  • All previously posted lessons are waiting for you in the classroom!

Amazing Waldorf Art Teachers:

Trained Waldorf teachers Brian & Robyn Wolfe have been involved in art & education for over 20 years. Experienced with both teaching in the classroom as well as homeschooling, they work with children and adults in person and online. Their courses guide soul-filled teachers and families towards confidence in integrating the arts into their (home) school days.

Check out these amazing Waldorfish Art Lessons, you and your children will absolutely love it!!

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