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14 Treasure Bins for Baby

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Treasure Bins for Baby - Wildflower Ramblings #baby play #montessori

Treasure bins are a small collection of similar items to put in front of a young child to allow them time of explorations and wonder!

I set these sweet Treasure bins up for my daughter starting when she was around 8 months old.  Oh she loved exploring and having a bin all to herself for these special, priceless moments.  I am so happy that I now have not only a collection of Treasure Bins to share with you, but also the pictures from her baby-hood, watching her grow and explore and discover!

**Of course use caution in playing with your little one and never leave your child unsupervised!

Below you will find 14 Treasure Bin Posts that I’ve created for my daughter, May.  I hope you enjoy these posts and sweet pictures as much as I do!

Each picture below is linked to the original post so you can see more pictures in action!



DSC04701 2-001







And our most recent bin was as simple as putting some rubber animals in the basket.  Presenting old toys in this way really gets children excited!  Here are some shots of her most recent Treasure Basket: Little Animals.


The Little People animals are a big hit during play time and bath time. (Affiliate links are used.) (You can probably find these at Target or Walmart as they are much too expensive at Amazon.  We get ours from Grandma — every time we visit, May gets a new one — spoiled much.)

DSC06351DSC06345 DSC06347My baby girl is growing up and graduating into Tot School and fun sensory play.  I am so proud to be her mama!!

I hope these Treasure Bin ideas were helpful to you and you are able to build some at home for your little one!!

14 TREASURE BINS FOR BABY - wildflower ramblings

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  1. These are great ideas! However, I would caution you to know your child and never let them play with small objects unsupervised. some of those things in the bins look like a choking hazard. My older son put everything in his mouth while the younger one never did. I used the film canister test… if it fit in the film canister, it wasn’t a toy.

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