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Baby Play: Sorting Counting Bears

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Sorting Counting Bears - Wildflower Ramblings

Counting bears can provide a fun learning and explorative time for babies and toddlers.  And sorting counting bears into colored cups is a fun and easy way for babies and tots to learn about colors and volume!

May was so excited when I set up her cups and bears.  As she played, I reminded her of the colors and counted together with her.  We have played this activity several times.  She sits eagerly, emptying the whole containers and putting them all back in.  She loves these structured activities — very different from my son — and I love setting them up for her!  This provided a solid 20 minutes of learning time!

*These bears are small, so ensure that your child isn’t “mouthing” them and your child is supervised at all times.


DSC05200-001  DSC05207-001DSC05196 DSC05203DSC05208

Today, a simple idea for babies.

Tomorrow, I will share a free printable for helping your toddler and preschooler to count with counting bears, so make sure to stop by again tomorrow to download yours!


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