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gift ideas for my 1 year old girl

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All week, I am sharing my gift wish lists.  I shared ideas for my three year old boy and next will be my Montessori learning tools wish list.  Today is a list for my sweet fourteen month old girl. 

I already have about every baby toy a child could need, but I am writing a gift list with the items my dear 14 month old May might receive for Christmas.  Some of these are items she already has, and most are natural material toys, but I have also included some plastic and musical gifts too!  I am not including books in this post, though, as always, reading and spending time with my little one is far more important than any material toy!  You may want to check out our Treasure Bins to see our play time with themed items!



The first item is one we just received from a dear friend.  Her now-teenage daughters hardly played with this Melissa & Doug dollhouse because she thinks she bought it for them too late.  Well it may be a bit soon for my daughter to have a dollhouse, but I am beyond thrilled!  I remember thinking, when I had my boy, that he needed a train set, a tool bench, a kitchen, and a barn.  (I know, my husband even thinks it is a bit much — I am proud to say all of those items were purchased second-hand or given as gifts.)  “And if I have a girl, she needs a dollhouse.”  Well now she has a gorgeous wooden one!  I couldn’t feel more blessed.  And my son loves it too!  The set is originally $149.99 and now is $90.99 at Amazon!  I don’t know if this sale is typical or not, but that is an amazing discount!  My daughter loves playing with the doors and dolls already.


It came with some beautiful pastel pink and purple furniture!  All of great quality.


And these little Melissa & Doug dolls are so sweet!  (The recommended age for these is three years, so I will definitely be keeping an eye on her during play time — though they seem perfectly safe to me!)


The next item I am adding is a Hape doll stroller that my daughter already has.  She loves walking it around (she used it as a walker and it is very sturdy!) and putting her doll in it.  Hape also has a baby crib, a changing table, and a high chair, which we don’t have room for, but are equally adorable.


May has a lot of dolls.  My favorite is the Haba Collection doll named Mali (they have many ethnicities!) She’s perfect — no tangle hair and simple clothes to take on and off!



May got this for her birthday — it is a bit challenging, but I absolutely love this Hape Creative Peg Puzzle!


I adore all Hape toys — their are made of wood and use safe dyes!  I love this Pound & Tap Melodies Bench!


This Hape Alphabet Abacus is so colorful and begins recognition of letters!


These are the best invention and my daughter did her first drawing with these My First Crayola Crayons!


We have many Melissa & Doug items.  We love the Shape Sorter Clock.


And I know she would love this Caterpillar Gear Toy!


A sweet First Purse from Kidoozie.


May’s favorite activity is playing with my cell phone.  I know she will always want to use mine, but here is a well-reviewed alternative — the Hellophone (yes, that’s its real name).


The VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone is on sale for $9.99 off from $30 right now!  I know my daughter would love this one too,


Next is a sweet shape sorter, the Learning Resources Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes Toy Food.  I know my daughter would love to sit and play with this! Update: Do not, I repeat, do not, buy this item.  I have never bought a toy that smelled like paint thinner, but this stunk up the room as soon as we opened it! We are returning it.  Awful.


This Leapfrog My Discovery House has gotten amazing reviews and I think my daughter (and son!) would have lots of fun with it!


The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube also seems like a great choice for my music loving girl.


Please share your lists for baby girls — I’d love to see them!





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  1. My 13 month old has the little purse and loves it! I didn’t think she would like the pink phone, but she loves it.

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