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Treasure Bin: Balls

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What is a Treasure Bin?

A small amount (5 to 10) of similar items to put in front of your growing baby and let him/her explore!

Ensure that the items are safe to babies (no choking hazards or sharp edges) and that your baby is supervised at all times!

May loves her Ball Bin, she feels like a big girl because she watches her big brother throwing the balls and she tries to imitate him.  I kept her Treasure Bin upstairs and every time I brought her up she got ot play with it.  We keep her bin under the couch and I take it out a couple of times a day.  We included balls with: cloth, holes, spikes, lights inside, wooden, and plastic, big and small.  She is still playing with it!

My first post about Treasure Bins is here.

And here is my sweet girl with her Treasure Bin.
DSC06040 DSC06036

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