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Treasure Bin: Orange Objects

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What is a Treasure Bin?

A small amount (about 10) of similar items in a basket or bin that is set in front of your growing baby to let him/her explore!

Ensure that the items are safe to babies (no choking hazards or sharp edges) and that your baby is supervised at all times!

We have made the three primary colors: red, blue, yellow, so now we are moving on to purple, green, and orange treasure bins!

We made an orange treasure bin this week.  I was happy to find many different materials and textures: wood, cloth, round, square, and velcro.

My first post about Treasure Bins is here.

Her bin includes many wooden pieces from various Melissa & Doug sets, a velcroed carrot, an orange truck, funnel, plastic star, a coin, and a peg puzzle piece.


I have a lot of pictures of this bin….


Here is my sweet girl with her orange exploration.  The bin originally had an orange in it, but her brother ate them all so I didn’t have one for the picture above.  She loved chewing on the peel, but then realized it was sour. :)

Two different circled orange wooden pieces.


I love her expression in this one!


Eating her truck puzzle piece.



Big brother helping May out :)


Clapping two pieces together to make sounds!

DSC09588 DSC09585

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