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babywearing for kids

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I shared many pictures of babywearing each of my children in my posts : babywearing my daughter and babywearing my son.  Oh those days were so so good to me.

When I realized I was pregnant with our second, I wanted to get John ready to become a big brother, so I found a ring sling just his size!  At that time, I was mostly carrying him in a ring sling in stores and on my back with an Ergo at home.  When I gave it to him, he immediately knew what to do.  He put his doll, Hunter, in it, as well as his beloved Hippo and Cow.

He doesn’t get it out too often anymore, but if I remind him, sometimes he’ll spend a good hour with Cow close to him (kissing him!)  So so sweet.  Here are our babywearing with kids snapshots!!


DSC08114 DSC04291

DSC02477DSC09906 DSC09904


You can see my babywearing stash here.

Photos of babywearing with my son and babywearing with my daughter.

You can make your own baby sling for your child to play with from Mama Smiles.

Or buy a mini Ergo or Boba doll carrier or a baby ring sling or baby ring sling here.


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  1. We have some of those pictures too! :) I also have a toddler that “nurses” her baby.

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