My babywearing stash

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I love love love snuggling my babies close in wraps.  I have been collecting pictures of wearing my (now five month old!?) daughter, which I will most likely post sometime soon.

But today I want to share a picture of my {former} babywearing stash!

We just recently bought a new wonderful camera.  This was not without sacrifice.  I had to sell half of my beloved babywearing wrap-stash in order to justify this grand purchase.  I know that I will use my new camera far more than some of the wraps that I had and were collecting dust.  So I took one last picture to remember the best-ever stash I will ever own.  I know a lot of mamas who have much grander stashes and/or taste, but these were all sentimental to me for one reason or another and I love all of the colors!


From bottom to top:

  • Didymos Ecru Pfau 6
  • Girasol Ardent (cream weft) 6
  • Vatanai Teesta 6
  • Didymos Steel Blue Fish 4
  • Didymos Silver-Grey Indio 3
  • Didymos Ruby-Gold Indio SBP RS S
  • Girasol Neapolitan SBP RS S
  • Vatanai Igloolik Whales SBP RS S

SBP RS stands for Sleeping Baby Productions ring slings.  She makes the best ring slings on the market (and I tried a lot until I found the right brand!).  They are made from a sturdy wrap — hand made with care!   I had them each made myself  and they have the best and most comfortable shoulder ever!

I sold the Teesta, Fish, Silver Indio, and my Ruby-Gold Indio, (the four in the middle), so now my stash is back down to four: two 6s and two RSs which is more than enough.  These are the ones that I was reaching for anyways and my daughter hadn’t ever been in the Silver-Grey Indio, so I knew they had to go!  But I miss them : (

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