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remembering babywearing with my son

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Snuggling my baby boy close was beyond heaven for me.  I researched babywearing before my son, John, was born, and I knew that I would want to wrap him immediately.  It is incredibly important to research before your child is born, so that you are prepared for those first precious days and weeks.  You should look into sizes, styles, wraps, colors, and everything in between!  It is very overwhelming, but also fun to research!  I have big babies (both 8 1/2 pounds), and they both rapidly gained weight (more so for my son who was 18 pounds at 2 1/2 months!)  So. those precious infant snuggle, froggie legs days were only few.

Babywearing Safety

Two main rules about babywearing:

Your baby should be close enough to kiss.

Your baby’s chin should be up.

Basic, basic, basic.  You child should be high up.  Not in a cradle position.  Not low.  But high so you can kiss their forehead and cheek.  So you can feel their heartbeat and breath against your chest.  This cannot be overemphasized.  Babywearing is beautiful.  But it can also be dangerous if it is not done properly and with a proper babywearing carrier or wrap.

Check out Babywearing International and TheBabywearer.com for some incredibly important and helpful information about safety, products, different wrapping styles, and everything in between!

Stretchy Wraps

At the beginning, I had an Ergo and a Moby wrap.  I loved both of them.  I wrapped my son (in both black and green Mobys, to go with different outfits, of course) immediately, and so did my husband!  My absolute joy was to have him close to my heart in those early days.

The wrapping didn’t last long for my son because he was such a chunky guy.  Stretchy wraps, like the Moby, gave way too much and had to be re-tied over and over since the weight of the baby stretches the fabric.  Ideal for newborns, but not beyond.

Ergo Soft Structured Carrier

Our babywearing continued as he grew older.  We switched mostly to the Ergo Baby Carrier when he was about 12 pounds and his legs could fit comforabley in the Ergo (affiliate links used).  (If you want to read more on why an Ergo –or Boba or Beco– is a much better soft structured carrier than say the Bjorn or Britax versions, check this article out about hip dysplasia.  We must support their hips as if they are sitting, not “crotch dangling”!!)

The Ergo was a great fit for me.  I could fit John comfortably on my front and still get shopping or housework done.  I couldn’t, however, do dishes, or do much cooking.  I put him on my back at around 6 months-ish.  This is an art, and it takes a lot of practice over a couch or bed, but once you get the hang of it, it is as easy as tying a shoe.

Ring Slings

When my son was about 12 months, I discovered that I loved ring slings.  They are easy to get in and out of, and they rest well on one hip while you have a free arm.  They are easily adjustable, and also very beautiful!!  I got one from a friend (the black one below), which did not fit well — see that the ring is low — that is wrong!  The ring is supposed to be high up on the shoulder, against the heart.  I discovered my favorite brands (Sleeping Baby Productions), made from a sturdy and supportive woven wrap.

We went grocery shopping in our ring slings.  We hung around the house.  My boy close to me.  Oh I wish I could have those days back sometimes.

Woven Wraps

After discovering that I could make a ring sling out of woven wrap material (mostly cotton, linen, or sometimes hemp, silk, or even wool), I realized that I wanted to wrap again!  We hadn’t wrapped since the stretchy wraps gave way at about two months.  I kind of went crazy trying to find the perfectly colored woven wrap.  (The choices are literally endless, and addictive.  Start with a size 6 — same size as a Moby, and then you can go up to a size 7 if you are larger, or go down to a size 4 to do simpler wraps.)  You can check out my babywearing stash to get an idea.  I have trimmed it down to the bear essentials now.


Our babywearing days slowed to an almost-halt after being about 4-5 months pregnant with May — when John was 20 months-ish.  I mourn those days (we also stopped nursing at this time too).  It was so tough, probably more for me than him.  But he has his dear sister and I am proud to be mama to both of them!!  Now, some women can babywear during pregnancy — even up to the ninth month!  I am not one of these women.  My son was really (really!) big and hefty, so I had to put my baby inside first.  I don’t have easy, care-free pregnancies, and while every nook and crany hurt, I did not want to put a 25 baby on my back on top of that!

After my daughter was born, and I began wearing her (here are my babywearing days with my girl), my son became jealous (naturally), so I wore him on my back in the Ergo or a woven wrap sporadically, but not for too long.  He hugged me and loved this, and I cherish those deep snuggles.


My babywearing days with my daughter ended when I broke my arm that fateful day back last October.  Oh I mourn this (along with so many other things).  I wish, I wish, I long to wrap my baby girl (and boy!!) on my back.  I have had her in my Ergo a couple times (for Christmas tree cutting, during making dinner), but it hurts my shoulder too much.  My shoulder rotation is slowly coming back, so maybe, just maybe, I will be able to wrap my (petite) baby girl again before she’s too big or I’m pregnant again.

It is a joy and a privilege to hold our babies close.  They do not become too dependent, they grow in the knowledge that your heart is close to theirs.  And they are safe.

IMG_8024-001snuggling my newborn in my Moby 1-002Snuggling John in the Moby inside and out, back carrying my one year old in a Didymos Simon and the Ergo2-002 Trying out my Vatanai Igloolik ring sling, back carries in the Storchenweige Anna and Didymos Ecru3-002backcarrying in the Ergo, ring slings are Didymos Ecru dyed pink and Girasol Neopolitan
4-002 back carrying in the Didymos steel blue fish, Sakura bloom ring sling in silk champagne, and the (bad carries!) in the black ring sling from a friendIMG_1025-001

with (sexy) daddy down our road in the Ergo


 with mommy in the Ergo (look at that face!!)


my babywearing days with my girl

my babywearing stash


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