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ABC Bible Verse Cards: Sing the Word from A to Z Songs {free printable!}

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I hope you love our Animal Alphabet Bible Cards as much as we do!

I am excited to release another set of ABC Bible Verse Cards for your child to SING! These Alphabet Bible Songs have been SO wonderful for learning the Word of God! I even love them, I find myself singing them, what could be better?! Find the (affiliate link) Sing the Word from A to Z cd here.

I previously made a set of Bible Verse cards for these songs several years ago. You can find them at Sing the Word from A to Z Bible Cards. I wanted ot make a new set. These match our recent ABC Bible Verse Cards for the Songs for Saplings songs!

Free printable bible verse cards

The animal on the card does not correlate to the material of the actual Bible verse. Instead, they include a beautiful watercolor ABC animal image. The animals are some fun, different choices, perhaps unfamiliar! I think that makes these super awesome :)

For example, the first Aa verse is “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Philippians 4:6. The Aa is for alpaca doesn’t correlate to this verse, but your child can still see that “all” and “alpaca” both start with that same letter Aa!

I love singing these songs, the Sing the Word from A to Z songs are very special to us because my grandmother first bought this cd for my children. I hope you love the songs, and these Animal Alphabet Bible Cards too!

A to Z Bible Verse Cards

You can download the Bible Verse Cards by subscribing here!

Free printable bible verse cards

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