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Classic & history graphic novels, moral & appropriate for children

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Every child needs the right time and books available to them so they can achieve and thrive on their own time. I have talked about my son a lot here. He made me a mom! He is my light and my joy! But how could I have a child who didn’t enjoy, or take to, reading?! It’s possible!

So for children who don’t just take to reading ferociously, there is so much hope! Don’t worry! Don’t chastise your child! They need patience and love! (Exclamations necessary!)

Some children don’t begin reading until age 8 or 10 and that is okay too. Charlotte Mason (and Waldorf method) don’t recommend teaching reading until age 6! We must take each individual learner where they are and present the right materials at the right time.

Enter graphic novels! Perhaps these may change your child’s reading life in the same way that they have changed my son’s!

As soon as he got a hold of King Arthur and Robin Hood, he began to actually enjoy reading! Hamlet has been his favorite and he wanted to read it together! We also picked up some World War graphic novels that have been a blast.

It continues to be a struggle to get my son to “like” or “enjoy” reading — and it can be tempting to compare him to some of his peers who do it excitedly, and without complaint. But my son is so gifted in so many ways, and though I will have him reading a high quality living book for history and literature and now science, he can always go back to graphic novels or some non fiction texts about subjects he is interested in to get his independent reading time in.

I talk more about this in my graphic novels quick video below!

Graphic Novels I talk about include:



Hound of the Baskervilles

The Odyssey

Jason and the Argonauts


The Three Musketeers

Robin Hood

King Arthur

The Action Bible

Dragon Lord Saga: Martin & Marco

Dragon Lord Saga: River Fox

Graphic Shakespeare

24 Hours in the Jungle

True Stories of the Revolutionary War

United States Constitution

True Stories of Civil War

True Stories of WW1

True Stories of WW2

WW2: The Search

WW2: The Family Secret

Amazing WW2 Stories

Lost Trail

We love these books and hope you do too!! Graphic Novels that are wholesome, appropriate, and edifying for children!

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