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Classic read aloud chapter books for boys

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My husband has loved reading many of these read aloud chapter books with our son! It has created a wonderful bonding time around fun and meaningful stories! Here is our latest list for chapter books that can be read individually or as a read aloud. These books contain male protagonists, but of course girls can enjoy and love them too!!

These books do not contain inappropriate innuendos or disrespectful behavior (the Percy Jackson books may have to be closer looked at, but father and son thought they were fine!)

Here is the list of Chapter Books for Boys:

Percy Jackson series

Mapmaker Chronicles Trilogy

Impossible Quest series

The Wingfeather Saga

Dream Traveler’s Quest series

Prydain Chronicles

Wilderking Trilogy

The Green Ember series

We have loved all of these stories and we hope you do too! Let us know if you have read any of them?

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