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Classic read aloud chapter books for girls

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We have loved reading these sweet stories with our daughters. I love providing awesome, heartwarming stories with strong, moral female protagonists!

Stories create memories. It’s oh so special to curl up together! Our reading time is not always filled with roses! There are arguments about who gets to sit where and who is closest to mom and who has the most of the blanket. But when we settle, we all drift into new worlds. Sometimes these characters don’t have wonderful lives — actually most of them include a serious hardship that has to be overcome! But from here on out, we can talk about the characters and what they have had to overcome and how they chose what’s good and right and kind in their character and in their demeanor. What a wonder it is!

Here is our list of Chapter Books for Girls:


A Little Princess

The Secret Garden

Strawberry Girl

Lois Lenski Books

The Cabin Faced West

Sarah Whitcher’s Story

The Courage of Sarah Noble

Sarah Plain and Tall

The Railway Children

Anne of Green Gables

Understood Betsy

I hope this list of chapter books and read aloud novels helps you choose some great books with your children!

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