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Busy Bags

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I have heard about “Busy Bags” from many mama blogs.  You put a fun activity into a bag and give it to your child when they need something to keep them busy.  It can really be anything, but I have gotten many ideas from Walking by the Way.  I created 4 of my own busy bags this weekend.

The first is a “Go Fish” game I found here.  I bought some felt sheets from Michael’s, cut each color into 2 fish, hot glue-gunned these together and put a magnet inside, then I added googly eyes that I already had.  The fishing pole was made from a popsicle stick (that I drilled a small hole in all by myself!), with thin string holding a magnet.  This game was really fun for my son — however I need to get a stronger magnet for the fish pole because the felt has weakened the little magnets inside.

Next I made another felt project.  I saw this idea here.  This mom made popsicles, but I thought little flowers would be cuter.  I cut two flowers out of each, hot glue-gunned them together, all but one petal.  And my son put the matching colored stems on the matching flower!  Learning colors and using his hands!

Then, I decided to do some painting.  I got this next idea here.  I couldn’t find plastic (Easter) eggs this time of year, so I bought 6 little wooden eggs.  I painted them each red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and green.  Then I put a little paint inside a cut-6-sectioned egg carton.  Woh-lah — another color matching activity!  (I like the wooden eggs better because my son is too young to put those plastic eggs back together and they would distract from the game.)

Last, another painted project.  I bought 6 little containers from Michael’s and painted the insides and tops six colors.  Now he has another matching game — and will learn to put tops on containers. Also, I bought these adorable, colorful shape buttons that he can sort as well!

I am very excited to find more (inexpensive) projects.  I know that many of them can be made with stuff from around the home.  I have heard of putting a large lock and key in a bag and letting your child learn to open the lock.  Also, using 4-6 travel plastic shampoo bottles and let your child practice put the tops on.  I found this idea here.

busy bags for preschool

**I’d love more ideas.  Please link yours below in the comments!!

**I found more ideas at Making Boys Men and Second Story Window.

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  1. I love using busy bags. It’s great to know I can create one at home just like you did. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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