Charlotte Mason Homeschool: Fourth Grade Curriculum

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Here I am sharing our Homeschool Choices for my fourth grader! I love to adapt our curriculum according to each of my child’s needs, so I don’t use the same exact materials and resources per student. Here you can see what we use and how we use it for all subjects but what we do as a family. For our family time (Morning Meeting which actually is Lunch Time and Afternoon Meeting!), we go through Fine Arts, singing, poetry, hymns, Bible, history, nature, and science. But our other subjects are included in our quick video about our Charlotte Mason Homeschool choices for fourth grade!

You can watch my video about Homeschool Curriculum choices for fourth grade here:

Right Start Math
A Gentle Feast
Literature & History Books (he always reads one chapter of each per day): Daniel Boone, Baldy
Classical Conversations Notebooks from Amy on Etsy
Nature Journal we love
Gentle + Classical Nature Vol. 1
Tuttle Twins books with writing journal
Exploring Handwriting through Geography cursive practice book
The Good and the Beautiful Fourth Grade Creative Companion Book (this is no longer available, they have improved their Level 4!)
Traditional Spelling II from Memoria Press
Multiplication Tables on Amazon

I hope this has given you ideas for resources you can choose and adapt for your child for lower to upper elementary! Remember that every child is different and has various needs! It’s okay if they are “behind” in one or many subjects! It’s okay if they are “ahead” in other subjects. A wonderful aspect of homeschooling is that we can slow down and really digest the information and materials. There is no rush! Spend time on one subject or character in history! Also, all of life is learning! Trips, nature walks, listening to music, it is all learning!

Here are our choices for Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Fourth Grade!!

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