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Charlotte Mason Homeschool Nature Program: Gentle + Classical Nature Vol. 1 Review

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We love the Gentle + Classical Nature program. This is a wonderful and gentle nature curriculum which includes hands on exploration as well as beautiful poetry and literature.

Gentle + Classical Nature Volume 1: Inland Waterways and Forests was created to make Charlotte Mason’s “Formidable List of Attainments for a Child of 6” more attainable for the average homeschooling family.

The Teacher’s Guide assists in helping a parent understand Charlotte Mason’s methods, trains you in teaching nature study to children K4-4th grade in a Charlotte Mason-inspired way, all the while encouraging you that you are your child’s best educator! It is truly beautiful!

We have loved using this Charlotte Mason Nature program, and we will be using her Volume 2 in the upcoming year! I hope this has given you an accurate view of her program. Her Teacher’s Guide is free!! Do take a look, I believe you will see it is very worth it!

What Charlotte Mason Homeschool Nature Programs have you enjoyed with your family?

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