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Our charlotte mason homeschool with a gentle feast curriculum

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Breaking down why we use the Charlotte Mason method with A Gentle Feast curriculum for our homeschool and how we adapt it to fit our needs. I share what materials and rhythms we have for our homeschool.


Books we use together every day:

A Gentle Feast as our core curriculum – her Teacher’s Manual explains ALL of the Charlotte Mason Method! It is beautiful!

Our current Bible is the Golden Children’s Bible

We go through about one question a week: Westminster Shorter Catechism

Nature Lore: Among the Forest People series OR we also love Eyes No Eyes series

Our Spanish Work includes: Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason, Play & Learn Spanish (highly recommend!), De Colores and other Latin American Songs, Usborne First 100 Words in Spanish

A Gentle Feast Morning Time work per term printed out for the kids (Bible recitation, poetry, hymns) and also the Teacher Plans (poet, artist, composer, schedules for all

Fables: Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans and Hero Tales

History: America First by Lawton Evans, Over the Hills to Nugget

Geography: Tree in the Trail by Holling C. Holling (All of his books are incredible, check out the coordinating maps from Beautiful Feet books)

Literature: At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald

Third grade:

Adding in Geography from A Gentle Feast Curriculum and A Gentle Feast’s Literature Book

History Uncovered: The U.S.A.

State Capitals

First grade:

100 Gentle Lessons in Sight & Sound

A Gentle Feast Cursive Lessons

(We also worked through My Father’s World First Grade, Pathway Readers Curriculum, The Good and the Beautiful Boxed Readers A and B, and the Usborne First Reading Library)

We love the pace of our Charlotte Mason homeschool days. We don’t follow her tenets perfectly but I love the environment we’ve created and the feast of beauty and knowledge we partake together every day!

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