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Merry Christmas Sensory Bin

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I am so excited about this Christmas Sensory Bin!  I got to go to Target yesterday for the first time in two months (woh), now that I’m able to drive again!  I was headed there to buy some weights (1 and 2 pounders ha) for physical therapy on my arm.  But wow was I distracted by the awesome sales on all of the ornaments and other sensory items for little ones!  Every thing was 30% off.  I spent about $10 and got all of the below supplies.  I recommend heading there on the 26th because the sale will be 75% off, according to the Target worker!  Imagine the sales and sensory play you could do!  (lol)

Anyways, as a Last Minute Merry Christmas! Sensory Idea, I decided to make a fun Christmas bin for the kiddos.  I think May (15 mths) can join too.  She had oh so much fun with rice play last week — and didn’t try to “mouth” any of it!  There are ornaments, bells, stars and a base of split green peas!  I also included a sweet little elf I found for $1!  I will be using him as a Kindness Elf next year — check out The Imagination Tree for this sweet alternative to “Elf on a Shelf”.

I will give this to John and her this morning, along with some measuring cups, bowls, spoons, and funnels!  (New pics below!)

Of course children should be monitored at all times with small and sharp and potentially dangerous items!

DSC02708 DSC02713


DSC02946 DSC02945


Make sure to check in tomorrow for a free Bible verse printable of Isaiah 9:6!

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