Treasure Bin: Christmas

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What is a Treasure Bin?

A small amount (about 10) of similar items in a basket or bin that is set in front of your growing baby to let him/her explore!

Ensure that the items are safe to babies (no choking hazards or sharp edges) and that your baby is supervised at all times!

This basket is for both my three and one year old.  I was going to make a sensory bin with some of these items — but this seemed safer and less messy, as my son likes to throw sensory bin materrials (the rice or beans) all over the room in a mischevious and less than explorative manner and I am less than thilled with cleaning up a disrespectful mess while my arm is still re-cooperating.  He is  still learning how to respect toys and activities…. we will get there (someday).


My first post about Treasure Bins is here.

So our Christmas bin!  Pinecones and pine needles, bells and ribbons, silvery pipe cleaners s and wooden ornaments.  I stuck with all natural materials and no plastic.  May loves it.  (John thinks the pinecones are weapons, go figure.)

May’s favorite are the pinecones and bells :)

DSC02600 DSC02605DSC02603DSC02611DSC02617

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