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Classical Conversations at Home

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I am sharing the different ways we study history in our home! I love history. (I love it.) It’s my favorite! So we dwell on different time periods for a long time.

We tend to veer towards a Charlotte Mason style of teaching and learning, which is, teaching a child’s history through their country of origin first with living books.

Of course Classical Conversations does not do this! They teach mastery of timelines and focus on memorization of facts. But I see great importance in learning an overview of history — but this strays from Ms. Mason’s methods!

What I love about Classical Conversations:

  • The Timeline Song: hands down this is the best. My kids and I both know every event and date!
  • Knowing a broad overview of history, knowing we can dive deep later! CC has three cycles: Ancient & Modern History, Middle Ages & Modern History, and American History. We have done all three and enjoy them. Though Cycle 1 is not my favorite.
  • I love the geography focus and drilling map work with the students!
  • The math songs are fun and engaging.
  • The science, again, is a broad overview of facts that my children learn and will come to life later on!

(We don’t love the English Grammar.)

I do like the Latin, but plan on doing Latina Prima and Latina Christiana from Memoria Press later on.

We use these Classical Conversations Notebooks from Amy Snider Designs! The kids write in them as we review work each week!

Our core Charlotte Mason curriculum is A Gentle Feast, but we add in Classical Conversations about twice a week for some review and geography work! You can see my video below to learn more!

We love using Classical Conversations in a way that works for our homeschool!

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grab the free homeschool resource guide here!

A simple start to your homeschooling journey is closer than you think! Use these practical resources and tips to get started today! You don’t have to have everything figured out to get started!

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  1. Julie Engelhardt says:

    If you are doing cycle 2 gentle feast- which cycle of cc will you do? Since one is 4 cycles and 1 is 3?

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