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The Good and the Beautiful Supplement for Classical Conversations Cycle 3

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Here is a week by week list of The Good and the Beautiful History to pair with your Classical Conversations Cycle 3 history learning. I have also made posts for CC Cycle 1 and CC Cycle 2.

We love the Classical Conversations History Memory Work, but have found that we have needed some direction for our weeks, something to make the history sentences come to life! The Good and the Beautiful History Curriculum has done an amazing job at combining beautiful, living texts with primary sources such as maps and pictures of artifacts. We like to read the text and do our Charlotte Mason narrations as well as listen to the included audio recordings to further make history come aline! It’s all so well done!

Each of the four years of history in The Good and the Beautiful history curriculum goes through four different time periods of world history. So unfortunately, you’d have to invest in all four years to fully use them for the Classical Conversations history. But they are very inexpensive, in terms of curriculum costs. Each year includes a Lesson Guide ($35 each) and either a Big Book of Stories with Images and Maps (~$24, Years 1 & 3) or just Images and Maps ($13, Years 2 & 4). Each year also has a fun board game available for purchase. We have liked Year One’s game most of all. You can also buy a “Timeline” for Years 2, 3, & 4 which we haven’t used, as we have focused on the Classical Conversations Timeline.

If you can purchase all four years, I believe they are a great investment! The game are also very fun for the kids! The Bill of Rights Game of course works perfectly for Classical Conversations Cycle 3!

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to make your Classical Conversations Cycle 3 history sentences come alive, check out my CC Cycle 3 Living Books List as well as my Spine Books for CC Cycle 3.

I’ve also made a list of CC Cycle 3 books from PaperPie that fit perfectly with history, science, as well as math, art, music and language arts!

grab the free homeschool resource guide here!

A simple start to your homeschooling journey is closer than you think! Use these practical resources and tips to get started today! You don’t have to have everything figured out to get started!

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Three: Bill of Rights Game

The Good and the Beautiful: Supplementing Memory Work for Classical Conversations Cycle 3

Week 1: Columbus
Year 2, Lessons 18 – 20

Week 2: Pilgrims
Year 2, Lessons 29 – 30

Week 3: Boston Tea Party
Year 1, Lessons 35
Year 3, Lesson 25

Week 4: Declaration of Independence
Year 1, Lessons 36 – 42
(Year 2, Lessons 40 – 43 U.S. Constitution)

Week 5: George Washington
Year 1, Lessons 32, 43 (thru 48 for Revolutionary War)
Year 2, Lessons 44

Week 6: Louisiana Purchase
Year 3, Lessons 34 – 43

Week 7: Monroe Doctrine

Week 8: Missouri Compromise
Year 4, Lessons 32 – 37

Week 9: Secession of Southern States
Year 4, Lessons 30 – 31 Slavery

Week 10: Manifest Destiny

Week 11: Civil War
Year 4, Lessons 38 – 41

Week 12: General Robert E. Lee
Year 4, Lessons 42 – 46

Week 13: Fourteenth Amendment
Year 4, Lessons 30 – 37 (Review from Weeks 8 & 9)

Week 14: Tycoons
Year 3, Lesson 44

Week 15: Immigration

Week 16: World War 1
Year 2, Lessons 50 – 55

Week 17: Nineteenth Amendment

Week 18: Pearl Harbor
Year 3, Lesson 58

Week 19: NATO
Year 3, Lesson 59

Week 20: Brown v. Board of Education
Year 4, Lessons 50 – 51

Week 21: U.S. Astronauts
Year 1, Lesson 58
Year 4, Lesson 54

Week 22: September 11, 2001
Year 4, Lesson 55

Week 23: U.S. Constitution
Year 2, Lessons 40 – 43

Week 24: Bill of Rights
Year 3, Bill of Rights Game


There ends our Good and the Beautiful lessons that work perfectly with your Classical Conversations Cycle 3! I hope these selections help expand your history learning as you classically learn with your children our rich American history this upcoming fall!

Enjoy reading and learning with your children!


Further Resources:

Living Books for American History for Classical Conversations Cycle 3

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Spine Living Books for All Classical Conversations Cycles

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  1. Squee!!!!! I’ve been WAITING (patiently) for this. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Hi! This is A.MAZ.ING!! Thank you!! Do you have the same sort of list for the Usbourne World History Encyclopedia and one for the Science Encyclopedia?
    Not sure how I would see/find your answer to this so will you pretty please email it to me

  3. Rachel Brogie says:

    Hi, do you happen to have this correlations for Cycle 3 Science also? Or know a resource? thank you

  4. Hello! Love this! Are you planning on doing this for cycle 1 as well? Trying to find a history curriculum to go along with CC for next year.

  5. Katherine says:

    Where can I buy the Foundations book? I have all 4 TGTB History years. Thanks!

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