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canvas art with kids

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canvas art with kids - wildflower ramblings

Creating canvas art for kids does not have to be left only to the experts.  At first, I was intimidated by painting on a canvas, but after seeing a couple of real-life friends decorate their walls with some handmade canvas art, I have decided to venture in.  And I love the results!

I gave each of my children two colors to work with.  I did this so that I wouldn’t end up with “brown” art each and every time.  (Very tricky of me.)  I want them to celebrate creativity.  But within bounds!  I didn’t get any action shots because I had to help the process ;)

My daughter was oh so excited.


My son, not so much (check out how we do like to connect — hint — it’s not through art.)  But I did bribe him into creating his masterpiece “It’s a sword, mom!” and now he loves seeing it on the wall like I knew he would.

DSC06762-001 DSC06760

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So check out your local Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s for some cheap canvases, or you can buy them at Amazon.  We used acrylic paints, but tempera paints would also work just fine.


We will probably make bigger art next time :)  I smile every time I round the corner of our kitchen now :)


For crafting supply suggestions, check out my post on Crafting Essentials for Moms.

For more inspiration on displaying children’s art, check out The Imagination Tree’s Making a creative arts area.

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  1. I just started buying canvases for my kids, too! You can see two of the finished masterpieces in the Weekly Wrap Up post linked here. :) I even found little black canvases, which just screamed, “Paint Snowmen with pom poms!” to me, so I’ve got those tucked away for next winter.

  2. Colorful and special. I have wanted to do this for a couple years – bought the canvas a year ago and still haven’t done it. I’m inspired!

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