Clothespin Fairies

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This post is a part of The Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials from Craftulate, featuring 50 different bloggers!  I am so honored to be rounding up this series today, which started on January 1st!  Make sure to check out all of the other amazing posts on some wonderful and fun craft materials!

Clothespins can be used for fun crafts — like the below Clothespin Fairies — or used for Fine Motor Activities for children or simply hanging up a child’s work on a clothesline or a chip clip!

We use clothespins every day at my house!

Clothespin Fairies {ultimate guide to clothespin crafts and ideas!} with a link up! from Wildflower Ramblings

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I am so excited to share my Clothespin Fairies with you today!!  I have seen so many cute people made from flat, rounded, or regular clothespins.  I love all of them!  But some of them are a bit too intricate for me.  I wanted to make something for my “easy crafting” style — something not too difficult, and yet so cute!    This project didn’t involve any paint, which I loved, though you could certainly paint them to make them even cuter.

These fairies only took about 10 minutes to make!

I was first only going to make the fairy girls, but then I realized that my son might want one too.  So I made two boys and two girls.  The boys have capes and the girls have dresses.

DSC04487 I assembled my materials:

  • tulle (you only need one small round piece for the boys and two for the girls!)
  • various colored yarn for hair


For the girls: you place two round tulle pieces together and cut a tiny hole in the center.  Place the clothespin inside.


Wrap the clothespin with washi tape to ensure the tulle stays put.


Now cut 8-10 little yarn pieces and glue them on the the back of the fairy’s head.  Then add two eyes and a sweet mouth.


For the boys, simply add a “cape” instead of a dress.  Start the washi tape and then go below it so the cape comes off the back of the little fairy boy.

Aren’t they adorable?!

Clothespin Fairies {ultimate guide to clothespin crafts and ideas!} from WIldflower RambingsClothespin Fairies {ultimate guide to clothespin crafts and ideas!} from WIldflower Rambings
My daughter immediately loved her pretty fairy.  I had to keep a close eye on her though, as this really isn’t a “baby” play toy. {Never leave a baby unintended!}  My son needed a whole day to warm up to the fairies.  The second day he said, “Okay, I like them now,” and then both kids were flying them around the house. :)


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I created a Clothespin Pinterest Board with all of my favorite Clothespin crafts and ideas!  I hope you check it out!  And below, there is a link up to share all of your Clothespin posts — I will pin all of them onto this board!

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And here is a the group Pinterest Board where you will find all of the posts for the Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials!!


Clothespin Fairies {ultimate guide to clothespin crafts and ideas!} from WIldflower Rambings

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The Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials is a wonderful list of 50 different crafting materials!!  Head over to Craftulate to find the list of materials and links to each one in the series — an amazing resource!! Link up your posts here that use clothespins — crafts, fine motor skills, simple household uses, anything goes!    

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  1. Kate_laughingkidslearn says:

    These are so adorable!

  2. Weasel some this morning. So cute and we added colored feathers onto her back as wings! Wish I could figure out how to attach a picture.

  3. Amy, these are just adorable!! I love them! They are going up on the Hip Homeschool Moms Facebook wall tonight. I also pinned them tonight :-) We are so glad you are part of our team! You inspire me!!

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