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egg carton spring flower

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egg carton spring flower - wildflower ramblings

This egg carton spring flower is made from a recycled egg carton, a recycled cardboard cereal box, and a thick green straw for a stem! DSC06740 We cut out the petals and May go to painting.  John was very excited when we started, but then ran to his room to play with trucks (big surprise! — check out my thoughts on his lack of desire to paint and do other learning activities that I want to do).DSC06741Sweet May loves to paint.  I can trust her more not to try to put it in her mouth, but I make sure to be with her every step of the way!
DSC06743 DSC06745 Here are her petals.  DSC06766
I hot glue gunned it all together and woh-lah, super easy spring flower.  They used it as a mask too!DSC06774 John, though he didn’t paint it, loved loved loved this flower.  He uses it as a mask.DSC06787  A fun, recyclable craft that even my son loved to make and play with (until it became a sword).  Can you handle this picture?!DSC06818

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