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tot school: 11 fall activity ideas

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Fall is our favorite season.  We have had so much fun with leaves and pumpkins and I want to share all that we have been doing in Tot School these last few weeks!  Can you believe we still haven’t “officially” carved a pumpkin?  We plan to do that this week!



This idea is from Angela at Teaching Mama.  Check out her post for the details on how to make these — her pumpkins turned out better than ours.  We never brought them inside, which is fine with us.  John had so much fun with the orange shaving cream.  He had to bring his trucks out and played for at least an hour!




We love hammering golf tees.  This is such a great fine motor and concentration activity.  May joined in with her own little hammer too ♥






We collected leaves on the nature trail and had to use them for some art activities!  I downloaded a simple tree picture, and simply glued on the leaves.



I set this Fall Coloring Book from Carisa at 1+1+1=1 out on John’s little table with crayons.  He only went to it when I asked him to — he isn’t the coloring-type.  But he really liked the pumpkin pages :)

DSC00957 DSC00956-001
Another fun hands-on activity to set out for children to do on their own :)  I found our leaf stamps in the dollar bin at Michael’s.



Deborah at Teach Preschool had a post about making leaf men.  I decided this was perfect for our huge leaf collection.  We didn’t “draw” very  much on our projects, but we did discuss body parts — a head, body, arms and legs!  John absolutely loved these and wanted to make two!  This was especially fun because my sister was in town and joined in the fun.

DSC01211 DSC01209 DSC01210


There are so many amazing free resources available.  My favorite Fall packs this year were from This Reading Mama and Mamas Monkeys!  Check them out!!  We cut strips, made a book, made a pumpkin with pasted words, and did some size sorting and puzzles!

DSC01190DSC01212 DSC01213-001DSC01037DSC01038


Super easy pumpkin made with a painted paper plate.  I cut some shapes out and discussed them as we were building our Jack O Lantern :)  He wanted to make more so I cut out some orange paper circles and we drew more faces.

DSC01214 DSC01215


This is an amazing idea from Fun-A-Day.  Check out her post on the details for this negative space art.  John loved his hand traced and wanted to do both hands!  We used his play sponge for the paint and he loved that too.  I also gave him a nylon filled with rice which he enjoyed as well.  I’ll have to remember to use these tools, instead of brushes, because he seemed to like them a lot more!



Karyn at Teach Beside Me made these wonderful pumpkin templates for making faces out of felt!  I had orange and black felt already, so this was an easy activity to make!  John loved making the faces and did very well.  {Of course the sword was needed to stop any bad guys.}



Super cute and easy tree made of brown paint with q-tip leaves! John liked this, but got a bit carried away and soon, as always, colors on his whole page.  I have to take away his projects before he “ruins” them because he is disappointed when he stops to think about what he is doing.  I love how he made the leaves “fall!”

DSC01159 DSC01155-001DSC01161 DSC01162


Super fun and easy.  Put a mat down, give them some bowls and spoons, and this play lasted over an hour!  May loved being part of this activity.  And John was {mostly } gracious in letting her play, too.

DSC01183DSC01166DSC01169 DSC01179 DSC01181 DSC01186 DSC01187
All of our work for the week on our back window.  John loves looking at his work!  His favorite project was definitely the leaf men :)  {Below the handprints are May’s sweet handprints, so she got to do her first painting project — I think I will making baby-safe finger paint soon!}


You can also check out our free 30 Leaf Identification Cards!


And our Fall Sensory Bin with Pumpkin Play Dough!




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  1. Very cute post! Thank you for trying out some of our ideas! :) Have a great week!

  2. Wow, you guys have been busy! I really love the negative space painting! I’m pinning this in my (CarlaINHouston) Fall & Apples board–thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. LoooooOVE! So fallish and wonderful. Your photography makes it all the more beautiful! Happy Fall!

  4. Hi Amy! We love Fall too. Beautiful photography! So many wonderful and engaging ideas! I love all the sensory play too. My son would have son the same thing will all this trucks in the shaving cream! Thank you for sharing at Crayon Box Chronicles today! Pinned and following you now.

  5. These ideas are amazing! Thanks for rounding up all of the different activities and showing how it worked with your little boy. :) I can’t wait to try some of these with my kids.

  6. This is a great compilation of fall activities. I love the Fall season as well :-) Thank you for sharing and for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop.

  7. So many wonderful ideas here! And your photos are always so beautiful!

  8. Love all the ideas. Have already done some of these. Especially like the pumpkin and golf tees idea. Thank you!

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