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felt art: joseph’s coat

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We brought a new medium into our house with this felt art.  My kids are familiar with felt from our ABC Felt Animals series, but I don’t give them felt on their own enough to create as they wish.  This week, they created Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat out of a little paper, glue, and felt!IMG_1731-001

This felt craft is part of our Crafts through the Bible series.  We are reading through the Bible and doing some crafts and activities from the amazing God’s Little Explorers Preschool curriculum! This week, we read the amazing story of Joseph.  God protected him amidst so much adversity, and he used him to save his own family that had abandoned him and sold him into slavery!

This week, I invited the children to create a Colorful Coat for Joseph.  I cut out a coat out of thick cardstock for each of the kids — they got to choose the color — pink for May and purple for John.  Then, I provided small pieces and shapes of colorful felt for them to glue on!  A super simple activity providing practice with fine motor skills while squeezing the glue and picking up the felt to put on the glue.

May absolutely loved this project and she worked for a while.  I had to keep reminding her to put the felt on glue or it wouldn’t stick :)  John had zero interest in this project — I asked him to participate several times, but he decided that he didn’t want to.  I still have his coat and felt in case he decides he does.

All we can do is give them opportunities to create — for John, it is usually creating an adventure and re-enacting is with his imagination.  So whenever we read a Bible story and do a project, we also make sure to completely reenact the story too.  (At least three or more times….)

Teach your child about how God remembered and protected Joseph even when he was all alone and abandoned in Egypt!  God hears our cry and He answers us!  What an important lesson for kids — life will not be perfect, but God hears and promises to never leave us nor forsake us.

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crafts through the bible - preschool art

This post is a part of our Crafts through the Bible series. We love learning about God’s Word with the God’s Little Explorers curriculum.

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