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hammering flower prints

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I saw Ashley at Life with Moore Babies pound flower prints with her children last week and I knew my son would love this activity!

We collected flowers and put them between two pieces of paper.  (He became distracted by daddy’s tractor in the yard — that’s his sweet little head on the tractor.)


Next we pounded them with his hammer.  (He, as you can imagine, was a little over-zealous with this part.)DSC04612

And woh-lah, a sweet little Picasso.  We kept the flowers on, instead of peeling them off, and taped it to our kitchen window for a super-easy craft painting!


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  1. What a neat idea! I love that he’s ‘all boy’ while still completing a flowery task…running off to the tractor, banging the hammer full force…such a true boy! :)

    The end results are pretty, though, and I’ll be he’s proud of it!

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