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make a cardboard noah’s ark

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We had a wonderful time making this Noah’s Ark from a cardboard box!  I cut and taped a box into the shape of a boat, then we made “animals,” and then we sailed the boat around the house.  This was a wonderful extension activity for our Crafts through the Bible series!


Making a cardboard boat was very simple — and not without a few mis-steps.  I cut the bottom flaps so the boat would rock, then I cut the top part and taped it, so it would have a roof.  Finally, we made a little door and a makeshift ramp.

DSC08613 DSC08614

After I presented the boat to my children, I set some craft tubes in front of them, with some animal stickers.  They used fine motor skills to put the stickers on the tubes and then they walked the animals onto the ark!

DSC08615 DSC08616 DSC08618 DSC08624

John loved floating the boat through the house, and he got a little carried away with “crashing” the boat agains the waves, but that was to be expected :)

DSC08629 DSC08632

Bible on grass.

This post is a part of our Crafts through the Bible series. We are currently reading and crafting through the Bible while learning about God’s Word with the God’s Little Explorers curriculum.

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