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make a movable tractor {free printable!}

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It is no secret that my son loves all things tractor and skid loader and bulldozer and oh the list goes on.

For his third birthday party, we decided to celebrate with a tractor party.  The farmer-neighbor brought his tractor over on our land, along with a hay ride, and he had the cows grazing next to our house as well.  We had cupcakes and snacks and fun for the kids too.  I told him about the party about a week ahead of time and he was so, very excited and he couldn’t stand the anticipation and was so happy that he would have a tractor on his lawn!

For the party, I made some very cute tractor invitations that I found on Etsy from Nvitations by Rachelle.  Since I had procrastinated a bit with invites, I needed something that wouldn’t take a week to process, so I loved that I could make this one the day that I bought it.  You download it and change it to meet your needs!  I love this one!  Check out all of her invites, you may find something to suit your needs!

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 11.08.32 AM

I wanted to make a cute favor for other children to take home. A while back, I found a wonderful, free printable of a moveable skid-loader tractor.  John has loved playing with it and sleeping with it.  I wanted to make them for the kids, but for the life of me, I could not find the blog that I downloaded it from!!  (If you know, please let me know!)  So I decided to just make my own!  They are super easy and fun.  For the party, since we had a “John Deere” theme, I printed them on green construction paper, laminated them for durability, and cut them out!  I put them in a plastic bag with 4 paper-fasteners to make for home!  I set them up at a table with John’s white already-made loader.


These are so simple and yet my son loves to play with his moveable loader.  Cut out the parts and fasten them together by letter. Make sure you poke a hole with a thumbtack first.


You can download the moveable tractor template here!

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 3.51.04 PM

His white one got destroyed in the rain, but we made him a green “John Deere” one, so he was happy to have another one :)


And here is my sweet boy with his own new skid loader (birthday gift from Grandma and Grandpa!) with the Farmer and his big tractor :)


He was so happy to drive the hay ride, too!


You can download the moveable tractor template here!




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  1. That is so cute! Wishing (yet again) that I had a working printer!

    1. I finally got a nice one for myself last Christmas — Amazon will probably have some great deals around Black Friday!! I hope you get one soon — it makes all the difference, I know because I didn’t have one for like 4 years! AUGH!

  2. Very cute! I’m sure my little guy will love this!

  3. nancyleew says:

    I can’t wait to try this!

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