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How to make a Felt Yak {ABC Felt Animals}

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How to make a Felt Yak {ABC Felt Animals} - Wildflower Ramblings


I am creating a felt animal for my son for every letter of the alphabet in a new series: ABC Felt Animals!  We have had so much fun making these animals together — and they are helping him learn the phonetic sounds of the letters, so it has been very worth the time and effort put in to make these felt animals!

You could certainly make these animals with colored paper!!  They could be glued onto another sturdier piece of paper for a fun craft for your child to do with regular ol’ glue.

When I began researching Yaks, I fell in love with them.  There are so many great pictures when you google them — and there is also a great Yak Book below that has real life pictures of this shaggy, hairy Tibetan massive and gentle mammal.


I think they’re cute!

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All you need to make a Felt Yak is:

  • felt: brown, gray, white, black
  • cotton balls
  • hot glue gun (or Elmer’s if you’re just using colored paper)
  • amazing Fiskar scissors (if you’re going to work with felt at all, you have to check these scissors out!)

** This craft uses a hot glue gun — please keep out of the reach of children — these are for adult use only!!

This is the only way this makes sense to me.  I cut the picture I drew out (free printable at the end of this post!) into pieces. Then, I assemble all of my felt pieces — I cut two each of the body, the head (with eyes, horns, snout), the legs (with hooves), and tail.


Now begin to assemble and hot glue.  I just wing it and go as I go.  (Of course with my sweet John “helping” with his “hot glue gun”.)  I glued the head together, then the legs and tail, then the body.  I glued two of the legs inside the body — I think it would have looked better with all of the legs tucked inside, but you be the judge!DSC06354My felt yak looks a bit like a bull, because it’s not shaggy like a real yak would be.  You could add a bunch of yarn to it, but I didn’t want to mess with it, so it’s good enough for me!!
DSC06355John really loves these animals.


We played a fun ABC Review game with the animals too!  Matching our ABC Bath Letters with the animals beginning sounds!

The yak is joining our trucking activities — John did not want to pose for a picture :)


I made a template and a coloring page for you to make your own yak!  I am not an artist, but I hope you find this helpful!  (I can’t figure out how to scan my drawings without that gray-scale behind it — if you are a scanning expert, please let me know how I could fix this!!)  :)

How to make a Felt Yak {ABC Felt Animals} - Wildflower Ramblings

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You can download the free Yak printable here!

Book Extension

My children love books with real-life images.  Non-fiction, or informative, books are wonderful for children to learn about nature and the worlds around them.  This awesome Yaks! Book shares over 50+ pictures of yaks — those crazy shaggy animals.  This Book about Yaks is only $.99 — and it is free for Prime members on Amazon!



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