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make your own creation book {free printable}

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We enjoyed putting our Creation Book together last week!  We have read through the creation story in our many Bibles, including my ESV Bible so the kids could hear the language, and then we created a page for each day.  I am providing a free printable with typed pages, I hand-wrote ours below, but now you’ll have each day already on paper before you begin adding ideas — find it at the bottom of this post!


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This Bible activity is part of our Crafts through the Bible series.  We are reading through the Bible and doing some crafts and activities from the amazing God’s Little Explorers Preschool curriculum! This Creation book is an easy way for children to honor and remember God and his Creation!

After we were done with our pages, we laminated each one and put them together with binder rings.  For Day 1: We put pieces of yellow and black construction paper.


For Day 2: We made water with blue paper and the sky with pieces of cotton balls.


For Day 3: we added some glue with real dirt and added leaf stamps, you could add real plant sticks or leaves and be creative!


For Day 4: We made a yellow sun and blue moon — all letting John cut using fine motor skills — and added some star stickers.


Day 5: We made fish out of blue paper and added feathers for the birds.  We could have used stickers or cut more exciting fish or sea creatures, or drawn them, but we were trying to keep it simple so the kids could get it done!


For Day 6: We just used people and animal stickers.  We certainly could have used markers to create people or used construction paper to build animals or people too!!


Day 7: We used the simple sentence, “God rested.”  I wanted John to try to write it himself, but alas he didn’t want to!

Our Creation Book has gotten the kids excited about Creation and it’s so amazing to hear them as they absolutely know the story!  I hope you enjoy this project with your children today!!

Bible on grass.

This post is a part of our Crafts through the Bible series following the amazing God’s Little Explorers curriculum!

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You can download the Creation Book here!

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