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make your own plagues book {free printable}

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We are excited to share our Plagues Book with you today!  My kids know all of the plagues that God sent down to the Egyptians when He commanded pharaoh to let the Israelites go into the Promised Land.

Ten Plagues on Egypt Plagues Book with FREE printable - lots of BIBLE crafts!!

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This Bible activity is part of our Crafts through the Bible series.  We are reading through the Bible and doing some crafts and activities from the amazing God’s Little Explorers Preschool curriculum! This Plagues book is an easy way for children to honor and remember what God did for His people while they were enslaved in Egypt!  He did not forget them!

This subject matter is very mature, and dark if you think about it, but creating a page for each of the ten plagues that God sent down has helped my kids to understand what happened.  I am providing a free printable with typed pages, I hand-wrote ours below, but now you’ll have each day already on paper before you begin adding ideas — find it at the bottom of this post!  After we were done with our pages, we laminated each one and put them together with binder rings.

Plague 1: Waters Became Blood

Color mixing red with blue paint.


Plague 2: Frogs

We just used frog stickers, but you could color or paint some frogs too.


Plague 3: Lice

I was so proud of John for drawing this Egyptian with lice all over him — he is not a fan of drawing, so this was a huge accomplishment and gave him a lot of pride too!


Plague 4: Flies

We used a plastic fly to paint a swarm of black flies, and added a sticker too :)


Plague 5: Livestock Sick

John drew a couple sick (brown) cows, and May drew some gray goats.  I loved that they worked together on this page.


Plague 6: Boils

Here is our Egyptian with red boils all over his body.


Plague 7: Hail

We mixed salt with blue paint to make some hail that pops out.


Plague 8: Locusts

We stamped swarms of green locusts with our little plastic grasshopper, plus we added a sticker.


Plague 9: Darkness

John painted using black paint all over the page.


Plague 10: Death of the Firstborn

This page, along with all of them, is difficult to grasp.  John drew a sad man, and the door with lamb’s blood that the Angel passed over.  I love that he does grasp the severity of the story, and we also


Our Book of the Egyptian Plagues has been a wonderful way to bring the story of Moses, the Israelites’ captivity and redemption, and God’s grace to my kid’s lives.  It’s so amazing to hear them as they absolutely know the story!  I hope you enjoy this project with your children today!!

Bible on grass.

This post is a part of our Crafts through the Bible series following the amazing God’s Little Explorers curriculum!

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You can download the Plagues Book here!

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