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paper plate apple craft

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This paper plate apple craft is a simple craft that can be adapted to any child’s needs or interests!  It can be used during the typical harvest time of September or as an extension craft for Bible time, like we did here.  I hope you and your children enjoy creating something imperfect together <3  DSC08513We created our apples after learning more about the fall of mankind and the story of disobeying God in the Garden of Eden in the God’s Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum that we are working through.  This was the perfect extension craft for the kiddos.  John always loves to role-play the stories, and then we made our apples.

We had planned on gluing apple seeds on our apples, after letting John slice them himself — but each of the three apples we cut only had one seed!  So we opted to glue on little beads to act as our seeds.

I had planned on the outside of our paper plates to be red, and the insides white, like a real apple, but the children wanted to paint the whole things and who am I to interrupt their artistic sensibilities!?

We mixed a drop of tempera paint with water and each child got a little dish and brush.  Then they both got to glue their beads on.  Last was a simple green pipe cleaner that I taped on the back.  DSC08507

John began to only paint the outside, but then he wanted to paint more!  He got excited to add the glue and liked the texture difference when the paint and glue mixed together.


Adding the little seeds in — this gave a lot of fine motor practice with the pincer and thumb!  There was also wonderful practice with the glue bottle.  John was so proud and excited about his creation — his very own apple — and that made me oh so proud of him!


Bible on grass.

This post is a part of our Crafts through the Bible series. We love learning about God’s Word with the God’s Little Explorers curriculum.


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