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simple lego printing art – an easy father’s day project

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We made this Lego Father’s Day Card last year.  Lego printing art is super simple and super fun for little ones.

All you need are some Lego Duplos, a card or poster, and some Tempera paint!  I set out an invitation to paint, and John got to work.

I also added some popsicle sticks to the mix, so that we could glue on the word “Dad” onto his Father’s Day card.  This would work well with masking tape too — simply tape the word (or letter or image!) of choice on the paper, paint, and then tear off after it dries.  (Like our Easter crosses.)


Here is his final project.  It has been hanging in dad’s office for a year now :)DSC07972


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Also, see my Lego Board for lots of more Lego ideas on Pinterest!!
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