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wordless wednesday: make spring flowers with egg cartons

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DSC02941DSC02942DSC02945DSC02946DSC02948DSC02949 DSC02951 Thank you BlogMeMom for a wonderful idea!  The kids loved these and they were so simple to make!

Happy painting,

 photo Amy3_zps8e2e6a59.png

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  1. Lovely post, this is something we do with my children each year :-)

    1. ……….or I should have siad used to, now they paint them and use them to plant the seeds :-)

  2. Perfect! I’ve got lots of egg cartons in our art closet!

  3. We have an overabundance of egg cartons, so this just might make it on to our crafty “to-do” list. Great idea!

    Thanks for linking up at Bee Crafty Kids! :)

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