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Early Literacy Idea Poster {free printable!}

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Literacy learning comes in stages for little ones.  The first thing we can do to assist them in their journey is to read to them.  Morning, noon, night.

The next is creating open ended opportunities to explore letters and sounds.  But what to tackle first?  Uppercase or lowercase?  Sounds or letter names?  Every parent and teacher must decide for themselves.  My recommendations are based on my experiences, research and education.

It is important to not introduce new concepts before mastering old ones.  While exposure to all literacy concepts is beneficial, sometimes whole immersion can be too daunting for little ones.  For example, learning 52 letters is a difficult task for children, choose uppercase or lowercase, and stick with it for a while until the learning “sticks.”  I suggest starting with uppercase letters first — you can see why and much more at my Early Literacy Stages series here.

I created this simple early literacy poster with organized ideas to help you teach your child in whatever literacy stage they are in:

  1. Uppercase letter recognition
  2. Tactile uppercase letter writing
  3. Utensil prewriting and uppercase letter writing
  4. Lowercase letter recognition (and matching uppercase with lowercase letters)
  5. Lowercase phonetic sounds
  6. Lowercase letter writing

I hope this poster is helpful to you and your family!!

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You can download the free Early Literacy Stages Poster here.

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