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gluten free snack ideas for kids

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60+ gluten free snack ideas - easy and simple!! - wildflower ramblings

My son has eaten gluten-free his whole life.  He was diagnosed with a gluten allergy at about 15 months, when contact with flour-water turned his whole body into a huge hivy-rash.  A couple of months ago, his allergist doctor confirmed that he is no longer allergic to gluten.  We are so, so thankful that he has been healed from this severe reaction and he can now be around batter and play dough!!

Even though he has been officially cleared of a gluten allergy, we are still striving to be a gluten-free home.  Eating gluten-free encourages children to eat their meat, fruit, and vegetables.  Carbs are great, don’t get me wrong, we eat a ton of potatoes and rice around here.  But!  I like that I can give my children some fruit or some cut veggies and they are perfectly content.

I am always looking for (easy and mostly healthy!) gluten-free snacks and I hope this list gives you new ideas!  These suggestions don’t have to break the bank either!!  Of course, organic is great, but eating traditional fruits and vegetables is better than not eating them simply because they aren’t organic.

All of these gluten free snacks are easy and simple and do-able — no “have to make a penguin sandwich” or “cut carrots into giraffe hair” here — I don’t have time for that craziness — though a lot of those snacks for kids are adorable!!  Here is our tried and true list of gluten free snack ideas.

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On the go {easy with no mess}

  • apple slices
  • banana
  • frozen corn
  • frozen peas
  • celery sticks
  • cucumber sticks
  • carrots {for the older set}
  • fresh, season veggies: snap peas, green beans, asparagus
  • dried apple rings in a dehydrator
  • dried fruit leather in a dehydrator {oats, dates, fruit}
  • cheese slices
  • cheese sticks
  • glass of raw milk
  • ham slices
  • salami slices
  • turkey slices
  • trail mix: mini marshmallows, raisins, and chex {definitely a treat!!}
  • rice cakes {we don’t buy these organic ones because they are too crumbly — we buy the just-salt kind, but on special occasion we’ll buy the sweetened}
  • gluten-free bread {there are some bad and great brands — we don’t mind this one but they are best bought fresh or frozen}

For sitting at the table {a bit messy}

  • cherry tomatoes
  • bowl of plain yogurt with jam or dried fruit
  • bowl of cottage cheese
  • bowl of apple sauce
  • frozen fruit juice popsicle
  • frozen go-gurt style yogurt
  • hard boiled egg
  • pepper slices {we love red, yellow, and green!}
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • thawed frozen berries
  • cut pineapple
  • cut watermelon or cantaloupe or dew melon
  • squeeze-ums {our name for the squeezeable fruit/veggie mixes}
  • avocado slices
  • seasonal cherries
  • peaches/nectarines
  • clementines/oranges
  • carrots/cucumbers/celery with hummus or homemade sour cream dip

gluten free snack ideas for kids - Wildflower Ramblings

You won’t find nuts (or soy!) on our list.  They are high in poly-unsaturated fatty acids and both my husband and I get sick after eating them.  We do keep toasted almonds around the house, for a sometimes crunch in our salads, but we don’t give them to our kids.  John is allergic to peanuts (skin rash, so far it has not shown itself in an anaphylactic reaction), and can do just fine with other nuts, we just choose not to eat them.  We prefer good ‘ol saturated fats (so macadamia nuts are okay!!) to the polys.

What did I miss?  What gluten-free snacks do your children love?


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  1. Some beef jerky contains gluten so be sure to check labels. I was bummed to see my son’s favorite did indeed contain wheat. Great list. Thank you!

      1. In reply to your 60 gluten free snacks, my son loved frozen banana on a lolly stick and if he was really lucky I used to dip 1/2 of it in 70% dark chocolate. A real treat especially at teething time (no stick or chocolate at this stage) and when he was older it made a good alternative for an icecream. Great list – hope loads of people share this with you.

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