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our homemade deodorant that works

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EASY TO MAKE and it works - homemade deodorant that your husband can wear!! Wildflower Ramblings

I don’t normally use deodorant.  Okay, I said it.  It all started when I read (somewhere) that deodorant can cause some forms of breast cancer.  I am not saying that is the case.  I am saying that that is scary and I wanted to research it more.  And since I haven’t written an entire scientific journal on the matter, I won’t say either way.  I will say that aluminum in the body equals bad.  So, the skin absorbs what is put on it right?

So, what are the alternatives?  The salt stick.  Eh, tried it, broke way too many after they dropped on my tile floor.  Kind of worked.  Not super happy with it.  Tom’s aluminum-free deodorant (i.e. not anti-perspirant), another eh.  I don’t really like smells, so always got the “unscented” which kind of defeated the purpose for a scent to mask the body’s smell.

So, I’m left with not using deodorant (which I do all the time) and the two above (eh) choices.

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So I chose a third.  After I began making my own toothpaste, I realized that this is possible.  Make your own products from stuff you have at home.  Super easy.  Baking soda is the foundation of our toothpaste, so I knew that had to be in there.  And a thickener.  Well, I use arrowroot in our soups.  I experimented.  A lot.  We ended up with a jar full of paste that would only come out with a finger, then would have to melt in your arm pit and was just ridiculous to try to wait for it to seep in.  Not working.  We wanted a deodorant that could be melted into an actual deodorant tube, so we’d feel like the rest of civilization right?!

Anyways, here it is.  Our homemade deodorant that works.

Melt together in a small pot:

After completely dissolved and melted, put a few drops of your favorite essential oil.  We put lavender and Thieves in ours.  Then, carefully pour into deodorant tubes and let dry completely.

When you’re ready to use deodorant, glide it on just like any other deodorant stick!  It smells lovely and you can feel great that your homemade deodorant works and is just fine for your body!!


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