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why i put gelatin in my morning tea

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I am trying to make simple steps to improve my health.  I think, or I know, after becoming a mama, my own health has fallen behind the importance and my concern for my littles’ health.  If we buy berries, the kids eat them.  If we buy vegetables, I give my brussels to the kids, because they actually like them!  They eat their meals throughout the day, and I really don’t find the time to actually make myself something incredibly nutritional and satisfying and rich for my body.


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I have already made various changes to my diet, both for sustaining a healthy weight, and for my gall bladder health.  But one more simple thing I am doing this new year, you can call it a resolution, is to make myself some homemade tea each morning.

I do not like warm drinks.  I don’t know what it is about me, but I am not a coffee drinker, and I also don’t even really like tea….  However, during the winter months, it is easier to enjoy a cup of peppermint tea.

So why drink warm morning drinks?

“Regularly drinking very warm water, especially in the morning, can heal our bodies, providing digestive power and reducing metabolic waste that could have built up in our immune system.” {Metsovas}

Many Asian cultures routinely drink hot teas every morning and night to support digestive and immune health.  This is more of a traditional beverage, but it has been argued that warm or hot water with meals, as well as first thing in the morning, can aid in digesting food and supporting a strong metabolism.

I could buy my own teas and make various nutritional herbal concoctions, but I’m not going to over-pressure myself with all this.  Instead, I add two vital things to my day that jump start my immune system and my emotional well being.

For my bones

I add one tablespoon of grass fed beef gelatin.

Why?  Gelatin is a dehydrated powder made from beef bones and minerals.  It contains collagen which supports skin health, cartilage and bone health, arthritis, wrinkles and anti-aging, teeth and hair health, liver detox and digestive support, hormone balance, metabolism, allergies, and lowering inflammation.  {See a lot more information about beef gelatin at Grass Fed Girl.}

Protein.  There are 11 grams of protein in just one tablespoon of gelatin.  I am starting my morning right.

All around, this amazing God-made supplement is easy to obtain, use, and begin reaping the benefits from.  The beef gelatin we buy is from an amazing source, so it is almost tasteless.  In the tea, I can taste it just slightly, but if you put it in soups or jello with more flavoring, you won’t taste it at all.

And a note on anti-aging and skin health.  Now that I’m thirty (gasp! sound an alarm!!), I am really trying to get my skin in order.  I need to take steps that can repair and rejuvenate my skin so that I won’t have age spots or wrinkles in the future!!

How?  All you need to do is put your tablespoon of gelatin into your mug, and add a splash of water to hydrate the gelatin.  Mix it with a fork until it is a gooey paste.  Pour your boiling water on top and mix again with the fork.  The gelatin will melt, “disappear,” and then I add my tea bag.  I love peppermint.  I let it steep at least five minutes, and then remove the bag.

Drinking a cup of tea every morning

This is do-able.  A delicious morning tea before any food.  A already feel better.  One simple step.  If I can stick to this long enough, I’d love to also have a cup in the evenings.  Chamomile.  And gelatin gets your sleep hormones working, so you can have a sound and peaceful and fulfilling sleep.

How else to eat gelatin?

Make bone broth.

Make jello for your kids to eat (and play) — and use real beef gelatin with juice or natural fruits, not the boxed stuff full of artificial everything.

Make some homemade gummies.

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  1. Can not do with out with my cup of green tea in the morning. It is so refreshing and sets me up for the entire day. But adding gelatin is unheard of but worth trying.

  2. I tried it in my peppermint tea. Couldn’t taste it, love the added benefit of the gelatin!

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