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**While I am no longer an Active Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, we do still use them daily in our home.  I hope you can find a local distributor in your community who can help you with your own essential oils journey.

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Essential Oils Don’t Work, and Ancient Times

Or so I thought. How could these little plant oils do all that they claim? Is this snake oil? Is it placebo? All legitimate questions that we ask ourselves. We certainly don’t want to spend our money, or time, on something that will not actually do the job it claims it will do.  But what if they do?  What if Jesus was brought essential oils upon his birth?  What if they are hallowed in the Bible?

From Egypt to China to Israel, essential oils were the medicine of ancient times.  The Bible references essential oils, oil-producing plants, and their uses 1,035 times, according to Healing Oils of the Bible.

And going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.”  Matthew 2:11

Essential Oils and my Son

To be honest, the biggest draw to these oils, for me, was because of the reading I’ve done from moms who have used them on their children.  Countless moms have expressed how much essential oils have helped their children with either overall well-being in relation to mood and alertness, even with aggression or obedience. My son struggles with aggression towards his little sister. I believe this is rooted in unresolved jealousy and because he is a very hands-on and physical child. This has been a constant struggle for me — making sure they both have equal parts of me so that they both feel loved and cherished, and really, to keep my daughter safe.

I  have been doing a lot of reading.  Reading about the molecular property of these oils and where they are placed on the body and how this can effect your cells in different ways.  Anointing a child’s head with oil (or feet, heart, or tummy) could significantly change negative behaviors into positive attributes. I am truly willing to try anything that could help maintain and encourage a peaceful and loving home.


Some of the reasons I’ve decided to start using essential oils include:

  • my son’s emotions 
  • occasional sleepless nights for me or my son
  • poison ivy outbreak every summer for my husband
  • dry skin in my son and husband
  • gall bladder and liver function
  • menstrual cramps
  • overall wellness during cold season
  • tummy aches
  • my broken arm pains
  • bumps and bruises
  • cuts and bug bites
  • just stress of living and exercising and parenting!

Does the quality of the oils really matter?

I have used the store-bought essential oils in the past.  Lavender in my homemade all-purpose house cleaner, tea tree in my homemade baby wipe solution, peppermint for headaches.  I was left feeling disappointed.  They didn’t work.  I still use the lavender in my cleaner, but I don’t know how much it is actually disinfecting — it mostly just smells nice.  Nothing special, just “eh.”

Once we delved into some of the chemistry involved, from our Reference Guide for Essential Oils , even my husband is becoming a believer!

These therapeutic grade essential oils are, for its primary use, put onto our largest organ, the skin.  So it is very important that anything we put on our skin does not have chemicals, pesticides, or gross solvents.  Young Living is dedicated to being free of all of any of these.  The whole process is explained on their site Seed to Seal.  The plants’ oils remain whole and pure and are derived using organic methods.

I am truly amazed at how much I love these oils.  At first, the smells were overwhelming, and I was not sure that I was going to appreciate, or even like them.  But then I began to see them working for me and my family and we are using them every day.  I stubbed my toe.  PanAway.  I am restless at night.  Peace & Calming.  I feel irritable.  Joy and StressAway.  I have period cramps.  PanAway.  My daughter has bug bites.  Purification.  My son needs to calm down.  Valor and Peace & Calming.  My 11 oils really have worked so many mini miracles.  I am so happy that I’ve taken the leap to trust in God and his perfect design.  He created these plants.


Recommended Essential Oils Reading

Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley is an amazing resource for all things oils.  A handy guide to go to when you need to know the oil for a certain ailment or the power of each individual oil or oil blend.  This book also explains some of the science behind the oils, which I (and my husband) appreciate.

Quick Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley is a nice and compact edition of the above.

Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart combines science and Scripture to assess and explain essential oils and their use in Biblical times and today.

You can read also read Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand if you’d like to learn further about the very important topic of safety and how to use therapeutic grade essential oils.

What would I do with these oils?

The Kit includes all the oils you need to get started on your own essential rewards journey:

  • Stress Away blend: calming down moods, ease anger
  • Frankincense: bumps, dry skin, skin rejuvenation, uplifting mood and balance, mild acne
  • Lemon: detox, household cleaning
  • Peppermint: tummy aches, digestion, kills ticks, foot bath, car sickness prevention, muscle pain
  • Lavender: bumps, bruises, scrapes, sunburns, dry skin, bug bites, lovely scent
  • Thieves: immune support, removing splinters, thrush, sanitizer
  • Panaway blend: sore muscles, menstrual cramps, bumps and bruises
  • Joy blend: refresh in the morning, poison ivy, uplifting, nightmares
  • Melaleuca: (also called tea tree oil) cleansing, boost immune system, skin care
  • Purification blend: bug bites, for fresh linens or shoes, etc.
  • Citrus Fresh {with roll on cap}:  stimulate, focus, clarity

**While I am no longer an Active Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, we do still use them daily in our home.  I hope you can find a local distributor in your community who can help you with your own essential oils journey.

disclaimer : these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. this product is not intended to diagnose, alleviate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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