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40+ montessori practical life ideas

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I am thrilled to be bring you more than forty Montessori practical life ideas today!  This post was a wonderful reminder for me, that as a stay at home and homeschooling mama, my children are learning.  And these little learning opportunities are simple and easy.

Montessori practical life ideas -- over 40 fine motor activities from Wildflower Ramblings

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Practical life activities benefit the child’s fine motor skills development and help the child become independent of an adult’s help.  These activities can be presented on a tray, or simply put out for the child to discover on the floor.  Some of these Montessori practical life activities also are done as a family — like our first one below!

Squeezing oranges with our juicer was oh so fun for both kids.


Peeling and slicing bananas with the banana slicer.


Slicing carrots with our wavy vegetable cutter.

DSC08444 DSC08445

Pouring from one pitcher to another.


Transferring marshmallows with tongs.
DSC03481Slicing strawberries with a slicer.DSC03363Chopping vegetables with a knife.  We also have this wavy knife with a handle and the wavy knife without a handle.DSC03461Scooping the oatmeal.DSC03492Cutting apples with a knife.  We also have this wavy knife with a handle and the wavy knife without a handle.DSC03496Rolling with his rolling pin and pastry mat.DSC03220Cutting vegetables with a knife. We also have this wavy knife with a handle and the wavy knife without a handle.DSC03087Making bracelets while putting beads on a pipe cleaner.
DSC01967Spooning beans from one container to the next.DSC04300Cutting flowers.DSC03565Sponge transferring water.DSC04257-001Math work while spooning acorns.DSC03973Transferring rocks from one container to the next with a spoon.DSC00238Simple pouring skills with small pitchers.DSC02731Pouring two colors to make a new color.DSC02725Slicing an apple with an apple slicer.DSC02822Cutting paper with his special toddler/preschool scissors.DSC00526Washing a board with a washcloth, for use inside with his blocks and small parts play.DSC00230Foam Dough clean up wiht a small broom and dustpan.

Our structured activity was pouring buttons from pitcher to pitcher.


John has also become quite the whisk-er.


And here, John is practicing his pouring skills with the maple syrup.


Peeling foam stickers and putting them onto foam paper.  He loved this; he kept asking for help, but I made him do it!


Putting measuring spoons in order.


Spicing.  (With two empty spice jars, a tray, and some other tools — I put oregano and salt in his spice jars.)


Opening the butter package.



Zipping a little purse.  I put a little mirror, a little measuring tape, and a little elephant in it.


Opening a spice jar and sticking the stems in the holes!


Washing the sink for mom (don’t worry, just with vinegar and water!)


We scrubbed potatoes with a little pitcher, a sponge, and a basin of water.


And we learned how to fold washcloths!  He was so proud of himself!


And putting silverware away in the drawer.


And mixing the gluten-free apple puffed pancake!


John has cut cucumbers before, but this is his first time with a banana!  He love love loved this.


Helping make gluten-free pumpkin bread. This was delicious! (right now, we buy the 1:1 gluten-free flour mix, but I want to make it myself because that is getting expensive.)


Cutting cucumbers with dad!

Putting away silverware.


“Tonging” his animals from one bucket to the other.  He loved it and was so proud of himself.


Funneling rice from one bucket to another.


Spooning broccoli into the bowl after I cut it.

PHEW!  Isn’t John adorable as a two year old?!  Those pictures are old school, but they are so very precious to me!  Thanks for sticking around — we’d love to see you back here :)

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