8 simple activities for toddlers

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I am excited to bring you some simple activities for toddlers.  My two year old will become very engaged with these simple invitations to play, and I hope they will spark some ideas for your home!!  Toddlers love to stack and thread and get wet and get messy!


Tot School with May

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**This post contains activities with small objects.  Safety should always be utmost in our mind.  I know this does not pose a hazard for my own child, but every child is different and has different needs.  Always make sure your child is supervised at all times. 

Today’s homeschooling post is focused on my sweet girl.  May is now two and four months old.  She loves water and playdough play.  And painting.  And using her little hands to make bracelets and arrange bears and rocks and buttons to be arranged ever so perfectly.  She just needs a task and she will be happy and occupied for a long while.  I am trying to understand her interests more, so I can base our activities on those.  She also loves to be read to and to read on her own, which we emphasize all the time!!

May loves water play in the kitchen sink.  She loves wearing her little apron.  I put some towels in front of her and give her a soapy bowl with some utensils.  She loves to do this while I’m cooking!DSC06668 And setting up some simple water play on the floor with towels.DSC06156 I made some simple yogurt paints for May — I put spoonfuls of plain yogurt in the egg carton with little drops of food coloring.  May loved this and played for a long while.DSC06169DSC06168 DSC06172She added some little gems to her creations.
Making a bead bracelet with some simple plastic thread and foam beads and pony beads.DSC06365Discovering what they’ll make with more small parts — this time poms have become food for the stuffed animals!
DSC06431Our wonderful no-cook playdough at the table with pastry mats, cookie cutters, and rolling pins is a huge hit!DSC06481 DSC06483 DSC06484 Stuffing her little ornaments in a wipe box.  This is a perfect busy activity as they are pulling the small objects in and out.DSC06645Learning with big brothers Legos.

DSC06658And John played imaginary games.  We’ll have another update on his learning next week!  Here he is playing Busytown with dad.

DSC06642We are linking up to the Tot School Gathering Place.

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