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ABC Bible Verses for Children {free printable!}

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ABC Bible Verses for kids -- free alphabet bible printables!!  Wildflower Ramblings

I am thrilled to bring you my A to Z Bible Verses free printable today!  I have been working on these for a while, and I can share them here, now that my son is starting the alphabet again (Preschool!).  We will be memorizing one verse a week. This free ABC Bible Verses printable includes one beautiful Bible verse per letter of the alphabet.

Perfect for helping your little one hide God’s word in their heart.

Sing the Word

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And there’s more!  These verses are set to music in a collection called Sing the Word from A to Z by the Harrow family.  I was thrilled when my grandmother bought these for John for his third birthday and we have been listening to them for a while, so we already know many of the songs/verses.  But I love having a visual element to Scripture memorization, as well as the aural/listening portion, so I made these A to Z Bible Verse Posters to this unique collection of songs.

How amazing is it that we have access to Biblical collections like this?!  (Last ABC go-around, Tot School, we learned the 26 verses in the Songs for Saplings ABC album, 1plus1plus1equals1 made beautiful posters for these.)  (The Sing the Word from A to Z is also a part of the Sonlight Homeschooling curriculum for Core A.)

The Harrow family is a mother and father team, both professional musicians, along with their children, who sing many of the songs!  This is super cute and fun-loving music and very heavy on the instrumentals, which I love because it can be used to teach instruments to your children too.  Learning God’s Word is so much easier when there is a tune involved, don’t you think!?

Sing the Word bible verses from a to z
I hope you enjoy this collection of Bible Verses from A to Z, based on the musical collection Sing the Word from A to Z by the Harrow Family!!

How to Print

I made these as full posters, but you can scale them down (as I did) to 2 or 4 per page when you are in printing options.  I tried printing 4 per page and I found that the verses just weren’t big enough, but they are perfect in the half-sheet (2 per page) size, in my opinion :)

I laminate with my trusty laminator (using these cheaper, but same quality laminating sheets) for more durability.  You could also put these on a binder ring and throw them in your purse for car trips and doctor visits too!!   {Check out all my homeschooling supply suggestions for moms and for preschool children.}

Get them now

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ABC Bible Verses for kids -- free alphabet bible printables!!  Wildflower Ramblings

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Thank you for visiting — please tell me how you are using the Sing the Word Bible Verses from A to Z in your homeschool!

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      1. I was telling my 6-year daughter about this, as I remember learning these in preschool, so I did a quick google search and found this. I’m so happy!! Thank you for this. I just printed them and cannot wait to start teaching them to my own kids as they are at the preschool age.

  1. Ria Olivier says:

    WOW!! This is stunning!! Is this available in Afrikaans?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful resource!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, they are really great

  4. THANK YOU! Thank you SOO much for sharing these simple to view & easy to talk about childrens bible printables … I have been looking forever to find something like this but never found just right, until now! TY Blessings,

    1. I’m so happy that they are the ones you’ve been looking for :) Thanks so much Jeanine for the kind comment :)

  5. Just wondering, what version are these verses? :)

  6. Suzie Homemaker says:

    Love these. got new comp. came to get them again here. Did you know that C the verse number should be 3:20 but says 3:23. noticed it 2 yrs ago when I down loaded. figured many would tell you so I didn’t, sorry. we must have all thought the same thing. someone else will say it.

  7. ANNIE WENG says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome resource!
    I’ve just printed and laminated!
    My kiddo will love it. We are currently using Sonlight :)

    As I look over the verses, I found a small typo for Letter C. It should be Colossians 3:20, not 3:23.

  8. June Fisher says:

    My intent is to print and send to my mission in Sao Paolo Brazil. I will try to translate to Portuguese to bridge to languages

  9. Thank you for the printables! These are definitely going to come in handy.

    1. Musulyn Kollie says:

      Thank you so much for sharing. It was helpful for my children Bible class in Liberia 🇱🇷

  10. Hey! I love these cards and am so excited to use them. I was just trying to find out what version you printed these in and when I was doing so I realized your reference for Colossians 3 verse is wrong 😕 it’s Colossians 3:20, not verse 23. Just wanted to share that in case you have the opportunity to change it. I am going to change mine once they are printed, but will also be checking the other verses before we memorize each one 👍 thanks again for your hard work in these!!

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