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ABC Animal Bible Verse Cards: Songs for Saplings

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Here is a free printable for ABC Bible Verses for your child to learn God’s Word through song and phonics!

It is so important to help our children hide God’s Word in their hearts!! And there really is no better way to help with this than singing songs! We have sung the (affiliate links) Songs for Saplings ABC songs for years, since my son was a toddler — and he is now ten! We still love them, and now that our youngest is four, she is ready to have a bit of direction with her alphabet and I wanted to gently introduce the songs to her by letter!

I made these cards to encourage my daughter’s excitement about both her letter’s and God’s Word!

These cards include a beautiful watercolor animal on each one. However, it’s important to know that they don’t correlate to the actual Bible verse. But I still think they are awesome!

For example, A is for Apple in the verse, “Keep Me as the apple of your eye” Psalm 17:8, but I have an A is for Antelope.

So this gives you the chance to talk about Aaaaa apple and Aaaaa antelope and so forth — you can see some more of the cards below!

My daughter’s preschool

We are using a combination of things for my daughter’s preschool work. We are using the Peaceful Preschool, Gentle + Classical Preschool, as well as some other books that I’ve collected. I’ll be sharing full details in an upcoming YouTube video as well as (hopefully) a blog post!

The board I created here uses materials from the Gentle + Classical Preschool. I wanted to specifically make sweet cards for the Songs for Saplings ABC songs so that is why I made our own Bible cards and didn’t use hers for Scripture.

How we use them

At the beginning of the week, or whenever I decide to change the week’s letter out, I’ll put up her new letter of the week. We have our special one-on-one time together. This includes reading stories, doing some fine and gross motor work, and art. We’ll also gently talk about her board and sing her ABC Bible Verse song! Easy and gentle!

I hope these help you teach your children how to hide God’s Word in their hearts <3 You can find these for free when you sign up to my email list here!

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