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Alphabet Lego Cards: Lowercase {free printable!}

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Grab the lowercase lego abc cards here!

These free printable lego cards are easy to print and cut. Set in front of your child with a pile of Duplo Legos and have some fun and interactive letter learning time! You’ll receive the Lowercase ABC Lego Cards download link sent directly to your email!

I am thrilled to be able to bring you these Lowercase Alphabet Lego Cards today!  I was so excited to hear stories and see pictures of your precious ones using my Uppercase Lego Cards, that I had to make these for you!  John is still working on his uppercase letters right now, but he had fun watching me and helping me create each “little letter” — we are on the road to learning the lowercase and matching upper with lower.  

This printable set includes 26 cards, one for each lowercase letter, as well as a cover card.  We like to cut them out and put them on a binder ring.


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As a former kindergarten teacher, M.Ed., I believe children learn through a multi-sensory approach.  They need to see, hear, say, and touch what they are learning, and Legos can be used in a multitude of ways for learning! We learn our uppercase letters first around here {see Early Literacy Stage 1} and we are currently working on matching uppercase and lowercase letters {see Early Literacy Stage 4}.

free abc lego cards
free alphabet lego cards

Lego Letter Activities

  • Take turns creating the Lego Letters: Have your child guess what letter you made and see if he/she can make it themselves
  • Use both sets of Lego Letter Cards for practice in matching upper and lowercase
  • Use other letters around the house (letter magnets, cut out from magazines) and line them up with your Lego Card and Lego Letter
  • Make the Lego Letter and then find an object in your house that begins with that letter’s sound
  • Give your child three letters and three objects that begins with their sounds, ask them to match the objects to the letters for great phonics practice {See Montessori Alphabet Box for more ideas}

Get the Lego Cards!

These Lowercase Alphabet Lego Cards are available to weekly email subscribers! I am very excited to be starting a new “weekly-ish” newsletter.  I promise to only send you one email per week (usually Sundays) and will never give your email address to any outside organization or group. You can sign up below.  Make sure to check your email {and spam box!} to confirm the subscription, and then you will be directed to the link to download!  Thank you!

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Thank you so much for supporting my blog and I hope I can be a further resource to you in the future.  Please, as always, email me with learning questions or other comments, as well! Check out my Lego Board on Pinterest for some other amazing Lego learning ideas!Follow Wildflower Ramblings’s board Lego Fun & Learning on Pinterest.

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Make sure to check out my Uppercase Alphabet Lego Cards as well as my Free Printables — I am always adding new and fun learning resources!   

free lego cards abc lowercase lego cards

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  1. claire eadie says:

    hi, I signed up but haven’t received any email with the lego printable card x

    1. Check your spam folder — the title of the email will read “Wildflower Ramblings Newsletter: Please Confirm Subscription” — you’ll need to confirm by clicking a button in the email that says “yes, subscribe me to this list” and you will be sent to the link to download! Thanks :)

      1. Hello, I’m having the same problem. I activated the link to subscribe, but I can’t print off the lego cards, and I wasn’t sent another email to a link.

      2. I have tried twice to subscribe and I am not getting the confirmation email? I have checked all the other folders and don’t see it :(

  2. Fantastic idea my sensory seeker is really into lego at the moment and as well as learning letters will do wonders for his fine motor skills – thank you.

    1. Sorry meant to say I have featured you on the Kids Co-op thank you for joining in.

  3. We have loved using your uppercase Lego letters in my preschool and I’m sure this will also be a huge hit as well. Thanks you for the time that you put into making these and for sharing them!

  4. Hi,
    I really like what you do and I found quite some inspiration for my kids. I did sign up for the newsletter and confirmed the subscription but never got the printable ABC Lego Cards email. Checked Spam folder and everything…is there a way you could send it again.
    Thanks. Tanja

  5. HI, I just wanted to let you know that my children and I really enjoy using your Lego printables. I blogged about the experience and wanted to send you a link. I just started my little fledgling blog and have included a section about creating with my children. I talk about how I differentiated so both my six and four year old would enjoy the task. I hope you enjoy the shout out. http://annelysemiller.com/wordpress/ Thanks for the free printable!

  6. Hi ! I could not print out the lego letters! Did I miss it in your email? Thanks Robyn

  7. I must be missing something. I could not print the lego alphabet cards. I keep getting caught in a loop asking me to subscribe which I have already done. I know they will be a hit with my kindergartners!

  8. I’m french teacher, and my students try to make letters with lego, i’ll show your letters to help them to do them and to find the others letter to make your poster
    Thanks a lot for the models!!!!

  9. Lisa Korth says:

    I haven’t been able to find the link to print out the lego alphabet cards.
    Please help!

  10. I have signed up for the weekly newsletter as well as paid for the lego uc and lc cards but I’m not having any luck downloading them. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Sandy, I just sent you the link again, you may want to check your spam — I also send the link in my weekly emails :) :)

  11. Hello,
    Awesome idea my sensory seeker is really into lego at the moment and as well as learning letters will do wonders for his fine motor skills –

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