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Our homeschooling days are filled with play.  And not just because it is summertime, but because they are kids.  Legos are now everywhere in our house.  I try to keep them contained in John’s room, and he has somewhat complied.  It is so amazing to watch him and his creations.  Every little piece has a meaning.  They are all warships, trucks, or rockets.  They have the most brilliant names “this is the gallactic star shooter… this is called the warpel two-shot highway truck”.  It is fun to watch to him switch back to the Duplos too.  His creations with the Duplos are all symmetrical now — and May is trying to copy and mimic her brother.  Legos provide so much joy and learning fun for little ones!

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DSC09745And painting…. if I let my girl paint every day she would be the happiest girl alive.  Right now, I have May painting outside on our easel which works well.  I want her to be able to independently get the materials out, but the way our backyard and basement door are set up, it is impossible.  She could just paint for hours with a sweet smile on her face.  John usually likes to play with water, the hose, and water toys during this time.

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We had a small painting project last week too — the children’s grandmother got them each a small paintable wooden craft from a local toy store — their choice as a gift.  And they had the opportunity to paint and design their own piece.  I didn’t think that John would be at all interested in this project — but he worked on his little wooden car all day long!  He painted it yellow, then red and blue, and finally black.  He was so incredibly proud of his creation, and I was proud of his diligence to get it just right and perfect for him.


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We keep math manipulatives, numbers, and loose parts around every day for exploration and independent play.  Sometimes this includes dumping all the pieces into piles — okay every time by John — as if he was cooking them in an oven or dumping them in the garbage truck.  This frustrates me because it really is dump and then move on to the next play time idea.  I have to think of a better way to encourage John to respectively use the materials.

We are also reading, reading, reading each and every day.  If the kids are bored, I’ll bring out a book.  If they are fighting, I’ll bring out a book.  After lunch, I’ll bring out a book.  Out in the yard, I’ll bring out a book.  Sometimes I let them choose, other times I have a plan on what I want to read with them.  I am looking forward to sharing my reading plans, and our kindergarten plans for next year, soon!

As some of you may know from my newsletter, we have already had a challenging summer.  I had to go to Army training once already this summer.  And our summer will be even busier as I lead our church’s Bible camp and have more upcoming Army Reserve training.  It will be an incredibly difficult summer, as I’ll be away from the kids for several weeks.  I know that God has orchestrated this required training, building me up physically and mentally, while preparing the children.  I am seeing His hand in the details of this sudden requirement, and I am so in awe of His love and care for our family.

I pray that you are able to rest in His goodness, and rest in your blessings, today.  I appreciate each of you for reading, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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