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10 Best Bible Verses for Children {free printable!}

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Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”  Psalm 119:11


The greatest gift we can give to our children is Scripture memorization!  It is such a joy for me to re-learn and freshly learn God’s word with my son.  I compiled some of the best Bible verses for children into a sweet printable that I hope will help you and your little ones!

We devote a small portion of time every morning to recitation.  We quote the bible verse of the week, the poem of the week, and we count.  I also try to ensure we are reciting important verses or songs during our car rides too.  So far, we have the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord’s Prayer memorized.  This time devoted to memorization helps with the important mind-building task of recitation.

Here, I have created 10 important recitation cards for Bible verses that teach kindness, patience, and love.  They also touch on fear and include the Ten Commandments as well.

laminated them and attached them with a ring binder – perfect for on the go :)



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You can download the Bible Verse for Children Recitations Cards here.



Recitation Cards: Poetry for Children {free printable}

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  1. Linda Goodwyn says:

    Finding these ABC Bible verse cards and alerting me to the Harrow’s ABC Bible memory verse CD are literally an answer to my prayers! My life path is going in a bit of reverse order from yours at the moment as I just finished 20 joy-filled home school years home with my children and am now back teaching in the classroom at a Christian school. It is so important to me to memorize the word with my students but in this first year back to classroom teaching I am OVERWHELMED with all that is involved! So I was praying for this very thing–an ABC memory verse system that had the visuals that I could use as posters in the classroom, reduce, laminate and put on a ring for each child to practice at home, and a great CD of songs. I had used the Harrow’s CD’s in my homeschool and love their work. Bless you, bless you for the time you put into this and for sharing freely! May God give it back to you many times over and pour out his blessings on this sweet season of homeschooling. There’s nothing richer.
    Linda Goodwyn

  2. Hi! I love these printables. They are so cute. They will not print though. It cuts off the birds and the words. If you change it so that they print the right way please let me know! Thank you for offering this. :)

    1. Hi, Rebecca, you’ll need to save from your computer and open from your computer in a program like adobe — printing from a browser will often mess up the appearance. Hope that helps!!

  3. Thanks for these. They are adorable. I always print scripture and post all over to help us learn God’s word. I linked to them in my post about helping kids memorize scripture.

  4. These are really cute. I linked to them in my latest post about helping kids memorize scripture

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